What She Wore – Interview Edition

This isn’t a lazy post per say, I enjoyed creating the last post of this nature so much that I decided to do it again! Today, I had a job interview – after 7 years of working for Corporate America I have decided to put myself out there and try to get back into the public sector. The corporate world is just no longer for me, why am I working my tail off to amass a pile of cash for someone else when I can be working with the community and for the taxpayers? This isn’t a slight on anyone who works for a corporation, I have just decided that it is best for me to go back to where I started.

For all of the 100’s of interviews that I have participated in as both interviewer and interviewee, I could not believe how nervous I was! I wanted to be conservative but not dowdy, formal but like someone you’d want to have around 🙂 It is funny that when I think back on candidates whom I have interviewed, I rarely remember a lot about their appearance but these are the details that keep people up at night! Anyway, here it is:


Prep and Prime: I knew this PUR face spray was going to be a fast favourite, this stuff is amazing! It tones, moisturizers and smells incredibly refreshing. I busted out my NakedSkin BB from Urban Decay for a nice matte canvas – can I just say how bummed I am that the One and Done is replacing this BB in boutiques?! I just don’t feel that the two are even comparable. Foundation: I used my old standby pan of theBalm foundation, it is full coverage and sweat proof. I set some trouble areas with my UD wet and dry foundation that I am loving recently even though I ragged on it in a former post 🙂 I added a little strobe with this cream illuminating palette also from PUR. Simple but a good, solid base that I didn’t have to worry about melting off.


Prime: I used the illuminating MasterPrime for an all over base and of course UD’s Perversion for lovely lashes. Shadow: Milani’s Bella Bronze and Bella Sand for a simple nude eye look. A couple swipes of Perversion and done. Extras: As stated, I was so nervous that I lost sleep and had to crack out the BECCA undereye brightener and I also used my illuminating palette just to open up my peepers. Brows: Well, obviously 😉


Just a touch of bronzer for a sun-kissed effect, a sheer pink blush and gloss by NYX. I just don’t feel confident enough to get lipstick on my teeth until after someone gets to know me 🙂 I did use the PUR eye balm as well as I just felt like I was looking a little tired.

Nothing too crazy, just enough to look put together and I honestly think the interview went well! Here is hoping, thanks for stopping by ❤


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