Best of May

For my ‘Best Of…’ posts I have decided that I want to include other hobbies and interests of mine outside of just makeup. I know – shocking that I do have other interests 😉 There are lots of things that make life enjoyable, good food, good music, good beer and I look forward to sharing my bests with you!


Best of Skincare: This month has been all over the place with the weather and these changes can cause havoc with my complexion. I have many moisturizers that I use on the regular but Yesto’s Daily Balancing Moisturizer really saved my skin. This is a lightweight moisturizer that I use primarily during the day and it helps keep my complexion clear and face hydrated. I’ve already raved about this product before and for good reason, I was reaching for it just about everyday. It smells amazing and is incredibly effective.

Best of Makeup: This one was hard but I thought about something that I kept using this month because I didn’t feel complete without it and I settled on Urban Decay’s Afterglow 8 Hour Highlighter in Aura. I was using this stuff all over the place, nose, brows, chin – anywhere and everywhere. I just think the effect of this pale, pink powder is lovely and I love wearing.

Best of Perfume: I only have a handful of perfumes and with this month being mom/grandma oriented I was busting out my Amarige. Yes, it is a total old-lady scent and that is what I love about it, it is just nostalgic. Rosewood, gardenia, mimosa, plum, melon…dreamy.

Best of Music: I cannot drive without a playlist! May’s playlist included The Lumineers, Release the Sunbird, Milky Chance, Florence + The Machine, George Ezra and Coleman Hell. I don’t know what it was but I was all about the indie, singer/songwriters this month. Around Mother’s Day I was spinning a lot of The Beatles because my mom was so into them but it is funny, the one song that reminds me of her the most – she hated! Go figure 🙂


Best of Movies: I don’t attend the movies a lot, so I don’t see the latest and greatest too often and that is OK because I usually don’t like them anyway. I was taking it straight back to 1989 this month with Tom Hanks in The ‘Burbs. First, I love Tom Hanks – he is just the most adorable person, I would watch him in about anything. This movie is a hysterical jab at living in the suburbs and it cracks me up. the burbs.jpg

Best of Books: If I am not driving, I am taking public transport and reading my books. I devour books. My current genre of choice is International Crime Fiction. I blew through all of the new releases from my favourite Nordic authors and have branched out into the English authors and picked up M.J. Arlidge’s first novel Eeny Meeny. What a creepy title, right? I finished it in one night, I just could not put it down – the plot was crazy and the ending was shocking. I don’t go in for the dark stuff, I had to stop watching Criminal Minds because the plots were so devastating but I really enjoy crime fiction.

Best of Beverages: It is shandy season! One of the most enjoyable aspects of summer is that many bars and pubs in the area release their original shandies for a limited time. I love a good, citrusy, summer beer and hands down my fav is Stanley’s Northeast Stanley’s Shandy – delish.

Best of Food: I admit, I am not much of a foodie I am more of a grazer so I don’t do a lot of sit down meals. I cannot think of one recipe or dish in particular that really appealed to me this month but I am sure that I will have something in other months!

That is it, overall it was a pretty decent month – I am excited for new challenges ahead. Happy May, thanks for stopping by!

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