Friday Night Face Time v5

Welcome back, it is Friday night and I finally found Season 4 of Golden Girls and I am pretty pumped. I am also excited to talk about a super cool cleansing scrub from Biore that I came across, on sale at CVS. I have been using their charcoal pore strips and I love them so I decided to check out the brand a little more. I really like that they have been releasing so many charcoal formulated products and was intrigued when I saw a few products containing baking soda as it is rumored to be such an awesome exfoliant.  There are quite a few DIY’s out there for face scrubs that call for baking soda and I’ve been curious but have never trusted myself with homemade skincare. I snagged a bottle of their Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub and I am really liking it.


The dispenser is a convenient flip top that is easy to manage without making a mess or wasting product. I wasn’t enamored when I first sprinkled a bit of this powder into my hand, it looked just like plain baking soda and I thought, ‘Wow, Stella – this is the most expensive baking soda you have every purchased you twit.’ Honestly though, it looks like nothing at first but add water to activate and prepare to be amazed! A quarter sized amount of powder triples in size and turns into a puffy, pasty, exfoliating treat. I was worried that this product may be too abrasive for my face so I didn’t go nuts, I just massaged into my skin and it felt surprisingly great. I was able to slough for a few minutes and my skin loved it and I did not feel over scrubbed or irritated. My skin looked toned, fresh and matte plus there was a subtle tingle that I found to be very refreshing. The dry powder does not seem to be scented but there is a mild, citrus scent after you add water – nothing too overwhelming.


This scrub claims to be great for combination skin and I could not agree more, my face felt clean even in the oilier areas but not dried out in the normal areas. I have used several scrubs but this one being so gritty and fine made my pores feel squeaky clean. I appreciate how smooth and bright such a simple ingredient can make my face look and feel. I have been using this a couple of times a week and it is definitely a keeper.


If you are looking for an effective, fuss-free exfoliant I would recommend this one. I hope that your Friday is fabulous!

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