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Boozey Blushers

I am bummed that we did not make it out camping this weekend as planned due to the rain delay, we did make a bit of a jaunt up north as there was a break in the downpour which was still fun. Someone (not me) in the household is a total entomophobe and we stopped for more bug spray on the way up. The city we stopped in is mostly populated by college students and college towns mean the best drugstore makeup aisles. My local Target stores are usually picked over if you are looking for Pixi, NYX, or Wet n’ Wild and they don’t get stocked very often. Well, of course I did not secure the bug spray first and headed straight to cosmetics where I was not disappointed – I purchased all kinds of goodies πŸ˜› Then I got all the way to the car and wouldn’t you know it, no bug spray (oops) but in my defense – we all knew this would happen.


I was excited to find the trio of Wet n’ Wild Coloricon Ombre Blushes and decided to pick them up. Two of the pans looked fairly ordinary aside from the ombre but the lovely lilac pan was very eye-catching. The compacts are just little plastic cubes but the weight and overall feel isn’t cheap and for the price, you get a fair amount of product. The names of the shades are too stinking cute, I am such sucker for things like that but let’s get to the actual product.


Wet n’ Wild blushers are lauded as being silky smooth, highly pigmented and easy to blend – everything one would want in a blusher! Sadly, I found these ones to be a tad on the powdery side and I could not get enough product picked up with my blush brush to get a good amount of colour on my face. These are very shimmery and I was getting quite a bit of this but very little colour. The fall out was noticeable, I actually had some luck picking up the loose powder that had flaked off and applying with my fingertips. Now, I have a fan brush on order and will experiment with this product again once it arrives – it might be a matter of tools.

The shades are lovely, you almost get two shades for the price of one since you can use each side of the pan as a standalone or blend together for a custom colour. I knew that the purple pan was going to be my favourite, this one by far had the best pigmentation –Β  I just don’t know when I am going to wear it it yet! The orange and pink pans are also lovely, I just have to find a way to get them packed onto my face. All of these could definitely be used as shadows with the right tools and primer they would look dreamy.


In a Purple Haze: Purple hues, the lighter side is fairly pink and deepens into a lovely lilac

Mai Tai Buy You a Drink: Orange hued, leaning towards peach

The Princess Daiquiries: Pink hues, the lighter side reminds me of many ‘champagne’ pinks that transitions into rose on the deeper side


I skipped the brush and just used my fingers to get enough product for swatches

I won’t say that these are a total bust – I am glad that I found this charming little trio, a tad disappointed that the formula did not live up to the hype but I am going to keep experimenting to see if I can’t remedy this. Thanks for stopping by ❀




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