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NOTD: Blurple?

I almost chose a coral colour that was totally different than anything I had tried before. Then I got anxiety over the fact that people would notice I had changed my status quo, it wouldn’t match any of my clothes, my hands would look fatter… Read More

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Best of June

Last month-end post, I promise! June really flew by, I know, I know – how cliche but am I right?! Even though it flew by and I didn’t get to do all the things I had wanted to, I still had a few new favs.… Read More

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A Week in ‘Grams v3

I wasn’t very active this past week and I am a day late (oops). There was a lot of external distraction, the world has gone mad and my snaps seemed so arbitrary. At any rate, enjoy 😀 Thanks for stopping by ❤

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Top 5 Drug Store Finds: June

Another month of A Game releases from major discount beauty brands luring me back to my favourite drugstores. I definitely love my high-end brands but in the last year or so have a newfound appreciation for the cheaper goodies. Many brands that I formerly skipped… Read More

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June Empties!

It is that time again, I cannot believe that it is almost July! Then August…then blah, blah, blah and Halloween! I live for the month of October, each year we do 30 Nights of Horror and watch a new scary movie every night, plus pumpkin… Read More