The Billion Dollar Industry

And no freaking wonder!

Lately I have been reading quite a few How Much Does My Face Cost? posts and I thought it sounded like a blast, terrifying but… ๐Ÿ˜‰ I have been compiling reports for the better part of the evening so I thought this would be a fun quickie:


These were my base products today, I tried that One and Done without primer again – I regretted it about 2 hours into my day but lesson learned. That foundation though, I was anticipating humidity today and this foundation is sheer but the formula is long lasting. Again with this wet/dry powder – it sealed the deal! Total cost of base = 138.00…


I am feeling better about these! I got this cute little ColourPop shadow for free back at the holidays and I bought the PUR eye balm with a coupon. I used UD’s half-baked and baked – I was going for a bronze look today. Total cost of eyes = 84.49…


I don’t count my eyelashes as my eyes ๐Ÿ˜€ I mean, it doesn’t make any sense but I feel that they are separate entities! Total cost of lashes = 42.00 (thank sweet baby Jesus I don’t wear falsies, this is ridiculous)!


I have to review this Revlon lippie in Seduction, it is another one that is not a true matteย  but it is easy to wear. I am pretty certain that I purchased the Makeup Revolution and Revlon when they were on BOGO but BareMinerals never goes on sale! Total cost of extras = 53.39…

That would make the total cost of my face today = 317.88…


In all honesty though, I always have points and I look for sales and BOGO’s so chances are that I paid less than full retail for most of these items. Also, I am using 1/16 of the product – right? That would make the total cost of my face today roughly 20$ and that isn’t too shabby. I am definitely not purchasing these items every month. Dang, I kinda’ don’t want to wash my face now…

How much does your face cost?! Thanks for stopping by โค

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