As a Matter of Matte

I have been getting into the habit of wearing more lip colour lately which has been quite a chore. But it just makes me feel so finished – even when my cat attacks me on the way out the door and rips a hole in my tights the size of a melon (nobody knew) a swipe of colour makes me feel so grown up. The liquid lippie craze is really working in my favour, I find them so much easier to apply than regular tubes. Nothing against the tubes, yours truly just cannot seem to handle them. A lippie that I have been enjoying recently are the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours that I picked up a couple of weeks ago on sale, of course.

I think what caught my eye was the sleek packaging, they are skinny tubes with a frosted glass effect – just very aesthetically pleasing. After I got over the packing I was left wondering what the HD part meant – I literally have no idea what makes makeup HD or why I would want that. My phone has an HD camera and I hate it, it gives me wrinkles that I know I don’t have but maybe they are hiding in the HD dimension? At any rate, I wasn’t expecting anything from that part but I was hoping that these would be good and matte. There are 16 different shades each with a sappy romance-themed name (gag – sweet campaign but these names…) and with so many shades, something to suit just about everyone. This gel formula is wax free and claims to be velvety as well as moisturizing.


Fist thing I noticed was that saccharine odor, again – is this just characteristic of this type of product? It isn’t awful and it does dissipate with wear just not my first choice. The applicator is more tapered than others that I have used, still it was easy to apply an even coat. The formula is very velvety but I found the first go a bit patchy and applied a second which was perfect. And then I waited forever…FOR-EVVV-ERR…


Honestly though, this stuff does not dry – don’t wait for it. It did still provide a semi-matte effect which was pretty surprising given how it never dried. It does transfer which I was totally anticipating and I touched up a few times over the course of the day, nothing excessive. The gel formula is very lightweight and feels great on the lips so no complaints there. I guess these are ones that have also grown on me after I got over the fact that they weren’t what I was expecting. The colours are very flattering, the formula is easy to wear and I will definitely continue using them.

passion – red with blue undertones, wears very well

seduction – pink beige, more pink than beige but my fav recently

flirtation – coral pink, I love how it is true coral and not too orange

devotion – rosy pink, my second fav so far

All in all, if you are looking for a true matte – skip these as you will be disappointed. If you are looking for something that is easy as a gloss to wear for some daytime colour then I would recommend but I am no lippie connoisseur, I barely have lips.


fish face because well – no lips, I wore seduction today

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