Forever and For Always

Tonight I was trawling the web for some blog inspiration, something to shake up my routine and I came upon a charming prompt – one beauty item that I will always repurchase. I couldn’t think of a cosmetic per say but there is one product that I always keep in my cabinet, Pond’s Cold Cream. *gasp* I’ve discussed this cold cream in an earlier post and though I have stopped using it as an all-over face cleanser I still keep a jar on hand. I will be the first to say that this cream feels and smells glorious, it is formulated with 50% moisturizer and will remove anything and everything. I love the way that it made my skin feel, the only thing that I didn’t like about it was that it caused me to have serious blackheads and I made the switch to something without mineral oil. I am still on the fence about the scary claims made regarding mineral oil but cannot help but wonder if it was part of the problem.


So, why do I keep it around? To start, I have highly visible tattoos that require some serious makeup to cover and I can always count on Pond’s to remove every last bit of product when some of my more mild cleansers tend to leave residue behind. Second, though this cream is formulated with so much moisturizer there is no greasy film and it leaves your skin soft and glowing. I feel that this cream was responsible for 90% of the compliments that I received on my skin and I don’t care what the experts say, I have noticed increased fine line around my eyes since having stopped using it. Sad face. Lastly, nothing takes me back to the golden years of my childhood like the scent of Pond’s. The women in my family have been using this cream for so many generations, not using it feels like a betrayal. Honestly, I am constantly recommending it for anything and everything –  I’m like that Greek dad with the Windex – just put some Pond’s on it 😛


Say what you will, I will always have a jar in my cabinet even if it is just purely for the memories. Thanks for stopping by ❤


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