Friday Night Face Time v6

Just a regular Friday night here and I thought that I would spend some time retooling the face of my blog, it seems so wintery. I didn’t do a mask or treatment tonight as I did one just last night, I have some dry skin I am trying to get rid of. Here is a snap of the products I used tonight:


I didn’t wear a full face today and it was really nice given the humidity and thunderstorms. What makeup I did have on came off with a few swipes of this lovely, rose scented balm from Ren. I have been curious about some of their other products but can’t really commit to the price point. Yes, I do like this cleansing balm but I guess it hasn’t really given me a feel for the overall brand but maybe some day I will check it out.

This Chia Seed toner from The Creme Shop is a pretty recent pick up and I have been using it off and on. Chia seeds are supposedly God’s gift to the complexion, packed with  Vitamin E, omega 3’s, zinc, magnesium and a whole host of other good stuff but it just isn’t very exciting. I like my toners to be luscious and pretty smelling, this one is a tad plain but it does moisturize and tone very well and I am mostly pleased.

It is humid so I just used a face oil tonight, my Palmer’s will be plenty of moisture and I love the way my skin looks in the morning after using it. Lastly, I used this salicylic acid treatment from yestotomates that is very effective and not overly drying.

That is it, a simple no frills evening – thanks for stopping by ❤

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