NOTD: Gravy

I was overdue for a manicure and got to squeeze one in on my day off. I am an acrylic nail, gel manicure enthusiast. I know, I know. I am going on 10 years of getting my nails buffed, shellaced and UV’d every 2 weeks and have no idea what my natural nails look like. Painting my nails used to be fun but I’m a chipper, I can go to sleep with perfectly applied polish and wake up looking like I got in a fight with a garbage disposal! It is truly uncanny. I hate broken, chipped up nails (they remind me of Silence of the Lambs *shudder*) and I was constantly sporting them so it is no wonder that it was infatuation at first sight when I got my first acrylics. And yup, they were hella tacky and I felt so classy. Now days I go for tennis length (a momism πŸ˜‚) neutrals for my everyday nail. My nail tech has talked me into a few glittery combos but it is hard to break old habits.

Getting my nails done is probably the only beauty treatment that doesn’t give me anxiety. I dread getting my hair done even though my hairdresser is a delightful person. Facials freak me out. I can’t handle massages, I actually get more tense. But when I am getting my nails done I can just revel in 45 minutes of mindless peace. Plus, nothing beats a good gel manicure, these babies are invincible and they take endless hits due to my clumsiness without breaking or chipping.

This week I went with a gray toned navy that I am dubbing gravy πŸ˜›


It is rainy with thunderstorms here and it just felt right. Thanks for stopping by ❀

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