Strobe it Ain’t So

Today was a lovely day, I discovered Makeup Geek which blew my mind and also The Office which is hysterical. Where have I been? Hell if I know but I am jazzed about both. While this post is supposed to be about more highlighter I didn’t need and not either of these 2 recent discoveries, I just though I’d share πŸ˜› Now to the highlighter! I have been snatching up a few items from the Summer 2016 Maybelline line and their Master Strobing Sitcks finally arrived at my local Target. These first piqued my interest after they were featured in this blog and touted as being all the rage at NYFW 2016. I gravitate towards anything that comes in a stick and was delighted to get my hands on these.

These strobing sticks are available in just 2 shades; Light/Iridescent (100) a pink champagne illuminator andΒ Medium/Nude GlowΒ (200) a sand toned illuminator or bronzer for fairer skin tones. Both shades are very light with a little shimmer and come encased in your standard plastic tube. I was surprised that there were not more shades, I hope that more will be released as I don’t think both shades will work for everyone. My skin is so pale that I figured I could use both with different effects, one to bronze and one to illuminate. I was bummed over how little product there is, they are cheapies but definitely the smallest tubes of this type of product that I have encountered.


I applied these over foundation and I was fairly impressed with the formula, they didn’t pull my skin or need warming up to get a smooth application. The pigmentation was decent, even though the darker shade didn’t look like much in the tube, it definitely imparted a warm, summer glow and was super easy to blend. It is definitely shimmery, I couldn’t see using this as a contour product just more of a complexion booster. The fair shade provided less pigmentation, I was mostly disappointed with how much product I had to apply in order to see any difference. Unfortunately, once I blended there was almost no illuminating effect at all 😦


After having waited so long to finally own these, I am mostly disappointed! The formula is nice but I would really have to see a broader shade range in order to purchase again. I will definitely utilize the deeper shade over the fair one but it still won’t be a must have for me. I guess the good news is that since I have to use so much product and the tubes are so tiny that I will plow through these quickly and move on.

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  1. Hi, may I make a suggestion? Since you said you were not that impressed with the shimmer that this product gives you on its own. Try using this first on your cheekbones as a base for your highlighters. It will give them something to adhere to and an extra umff when you need a longer lasting highlight or an extra shimmery glow on your cheeks. Just a little hack that may help so you can utilize these sticks. Hope this helps. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜€πŸ’œ

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