Alicia Keys sans makeup has been everywhere in the last few days, I mean she is already everywhere but she has really taken the social media world by storm after her #nomakeup movement shout out. And it got me thinking about why I wear makeup, do I feel socially obligated? Do I feel less feminine if I don’t? Is my choice to wear makeup setting a poor example for younger generations? There are plenty of days that I don’t wear makeup and it doesn’t phase me but I will admit that I do feel more confident when I am wearing makeup.  In all honesty though, this is the same confidence that I feel when I wear pumps or a full suit or after I get my teeth cleaned and none of these seem to be stigmatized. So why does makeup get picked on? Are there unrealistic beauty standards, of course but I don’t wear makeup in an attempt to attain these. I wear makeup to enhance the features that I already appreciate about myself. I don’t wear makeup to detract from my uniqueness or somehow assimilate myself into societal defined beauty culture, I wear makeup as a form of personal expression. I feel that in today’s world more than ever, makeup is being used to break down stereotypes and promote self-expression. In the button downed, ultra conservative world that I work in makeup is something that can be unique to me. When you feel like you are dressing for a funeral everyday, a little purple eyeliner can be liberating. Makeup does not define me and I don’t need it to feel comfortable or confident but it certainly doesn’t hurt.


And Demi Lovato is always gorgeous, obviously

There is something to be said about being comfortable in your own skin, nobody should feel shamed for not wearing makeup but in the same strain, we should not feel bad for choosing to wear it. You are beautiful in ways that only you can be, you are one of a kind. I applaud anyone who chooses to challenge societal norms, we are a society obsessed with beauty but to me beauty is not defined by one trait or one characteristic and certainly not by makeup. I don’t think that beauty can truly be defined, we see things that are appealing to the eye everyday and they vary based on the beholder. I don’t wear makeup to hide anything, I think that everyone knows that of course my lashes aren’t black, my cheeks aren’t peach and my lips aren’t every colour of the rainbow – I mean, duh. Whenever I see those celebrity rag articles, ‘Shocking Photos of Celebrities Without Makeup’ I am never shocked – of course that is what they look like, that is what everyone looks like!  At any rate, I am not saying that one stance or the other is wrong and I won’t continue to ramble but here are the top 3 reasons as to why I wear makeup:


Why do or don’t you wear makeup? Thanks for stopping by ❤




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  1. i love this so much. and mygod… your skin is incredible! i grew up feeling i needed to look a certain way. “pretty” was on my mother’s tongue daily. if i had a blemish, she would instruct me on how to take care of, and cover it. she meant well… but it stuck with me. just like an eating disorder, i never grew out of feeling ‘not good enough’. never pretty enough. the makeup was to cover the flaws and make sure people didn’t know i had them. i am 32 and finally finding myself comfortable enough to fetch the mail without makeup on. it’s a small step, but a step nonetheless. thanks for sharing this<3

    1. Ah, thank you, you are too sweet ❤ My mom was my worst critic as well, it took me years to realize that most people aren’t as critical or judgemental as she was. She would say that yellow was my ‘ugliest’ colour and just weird trivial things like that seem to just stick with you. Never underestimate the progress you make in self love, that is wonderful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

      1. this is so helpful to read, as i am raising three girls. their father and i try to focus on accomplishments beyond appearance. but still…society, man. “oh, isn’t she just so pretty!” it’s hard to avoid. but i’m doing my best to raise girls who are comfortable in their own skin regardless of how they look. we’re all beautiful.

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