Every so often I like to tidy up my vanity (aka counter top around my sink) and play a little promotion/demotion game. It isn’t as lame as it sounds, it is actually more lame than it sounds 😛 I get up very early and by keeping the products that I use the most out, I find that I make less of a ruckus. When I find that I am not using a certain item, it gets demoted and if I am digging around for something constantly it gets promoted. The BF says I get too into this, I start doing impressions – ‘You get a promotion, you get a promotion, EVERYONE gets a promotion!’ Yikes, I am too into this. Here is what made the cut:


I kept reaching for this About Face foundation by Flower Beauty due to how neutral the shade is and how easy it is to apply. This foundation does not require a lot of blending or really any skill to apply and that is perfect for an early morning after a late night. I would categorize this as a medium to full coverage foundation that is super easy to build. Also, for 14 bucks you cannot beat the way this formula wears, it lasts easily all day. Summer means glowy skin and this Glisten Up Chubby is a lovely cream stick that provides just the right amount of glow. These little sticks are fabulous, look so lovely and they are totally portable!


Next up, with the humidity already taking its toll on my complexion I have been using this super fine Airspun powder. I like this powder because you don’t need a lot but if you do go overboard it doesn’t turn into a cakey mess. This powder is totally translucent and very lightweight, it gets the job done.


The final promotion is this illuminating powder that I continue to have a love/hate relationship with. If you want glitter and some serious colour, this Naked Illuminated powder from UD is perfect and precisely the reason I was not using it. It was just too glittery for my face but recently, using my new fan brush and a lighter hand I really like the effect and have been using fairly often. We will see how long this one lasts on the vanity though.



The first demotion is the Ultra Repair Lotion from First Aid Beauty which is more of a weather related switch. This lotion saved my uber dry skin during the winter but I find the formula a touch heavy for the warmer days. The formula is still really great (and a steal of a deal) but into the drawer it goes for now.


Even though I have been all about the highlight, I cannot work with this Shimmering Skin Perfector from BECCA. I don’t know what it is, the shade is pretty much spot on for highlighters that I like to wear but this just sets and highlights any little patch of imperfection. I have tried and failed with using this one on many occasions – to the drawer! Sadly, it has been here before as you can probably tell that I have hardly used it.


That is it, kinda’ fun and it feels like I am getting new product 😉 Not to mention, my bathroom looks more clean and a tad less cluttered! Thanks for stopping by ❤


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  1. Great post! Most people rave about Becca’s highlighters. If it looks too powdery or dry, may I suggest using your fan brush and spraying with a setting spray/MAC Fix+/rose water, etc… after to hydrate and calm down the powdery effect. It will help a lot! All of your makeup will look 100% better. IDK if you have tried this already. Great choices! ♥

    1. Thanks for the tips! I’ve tried the fan brush but not setting spray over it. I will have to give it a go, my dislike for this highlighter has put me off buying the new palette 😩 I’d love to love it. Thanks for this 😁 and for reading!!

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