Friday (Day) Face Time v7

I am posting a tad early today as I am babysitting tonight – yay. There are 2 things that stress me out about babysitting 1) food allergies and 2) Disney movies. The tots that I am rangling this evening do not have any known food allergies but neither did I when I experienced my first bout of anaphylactic shock and surprise, I was at daycare. It is just always something that I have in the back of my mind for probably no good reason. For number 2, can we as adults just appreciate how messed up Disney movies are?! I mean, this has probably been discussed 100 times over but seriously. I never picked up on how bizarre they were in my youth, I cannot even watch The Lion King these days but I saw it in theaters 5 times when I was kid and it didn’t phase me. Beauty and the Beast is the original Fifty Shades of Gray, and don’t get me started on The Little Mermaid:


I have probably just become too cynical in my old age and it doesn’t seem to impact the kids. I mean, I grew up on Disney and turned out OK…Anyway, maybe I can just talk them into some crafts, I have a pretty bitchin’ craft bag.


Nothing like a good ramble 😛 I wanted to share my appreciation for a simply lovely micellar water from Pacifica that I have been using as a day time face prep. Micellar waters have been on the beauty scene for some time now and I have a few that I really like. I love my Bioderma for fighting stubborn break outs and getting squeaky clean pores before bed but it can be harsh for day time use since I also use a lighter moisturizer. What makes this Cactus Micellar Cleansing Tonic perfect for day time use is how mild it is. My skin doesn’t feel stripped but still toned and purified. I don’t wash my face in the morning since I have such oily skin and this tonic doesn’t leave behind any residue like my Bioderma. This product feels and smells amazingly refreshing, it is such a treat in the early AM. I cannot really explain what it smells like, I have no idea what cactus smells like but it does remind me of the ocean.


I cannot speak to its makeup removing effectiveness as I don’t use it for that purpose but it does leave my skin glowing, fresh and ready for the day. It is also crazy affordable, vegan and cruelty free – lots of things to love 🙂 If you aren’t using a micellar water I won’t go so far as to say that you should be but they are definitely worth a try!


Thanks for stopping by ❤

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