The Belle of the Balm

So, today was the first hot day after a cool/rainy stretch and I gotta’ be honest – it was miserable. I’m a dry heat kinda’ gal, I can sit in it all day but humidity is the worst. I spent the whole day wondering if my eyebrows were sweating off but also just not caring if they were or not. I’m not keen to talk about makeup this evening as I could not wait to get home to wash my face but wanted to share a skin care item instead.

During a recent trip to Target I noticed the Boots display that I hadn’t given a second thought to before. What caught my eye this time around was the Botanics line, the packaging, presentation and ingredients all looked heavenly and I picked up a couple of things.


What I am most excited about is this tub of Hot Cloth Cleansing Balm. I am a huge fan of cleansing balms, they feel amazing and cleanse really well while nourishing my complexion. I’ve yet to find one that I don’t like, they make washing my face feel like a beauty treatment.


So how did this bargain brand compare to my current higher end balms?! Not too shabby, in fact I adore this product. It is formulated with rosehip, olive oil and shea butter making it hyper- moisturizing. It emulsifies like a dream and becomes malleable enough for a glorious face massage but not drippy. Some reviewers disliked how oily this balm is but I think the overall texture is comparable to other balms – nothing scary. I used this balm to remove my eye makeup and it didn’t burn. But note to self – just stop rubbing stuff in your eyes 😛 It was very easy to remove with just a warm cloth and left my skin hydrated and clean. This balm does come with a small linen cloth but I never use these, I don’t care for the texture.

The only surprises were the colour and scent that reminded me of arnica – bleh. Arnica is a natural, topical pain reliever that my dad was obsessed with. Seriously, I could have cleaved my arm off and he would be busting out the arnica. It isn’t off putting, just unexpected.


I will definitely keep this in the rotation, you can’t beat the price and the quality was better than expected. If you have been curious about cleansing balms, this one would make a yummy introduction.

Thanks for stopping by ❤


5 thoughts

  1. HAHA! your dad with the arnica!
    i was miserable today, too. beads of sweat were dripping down my face as i put my makeup on and i was like, “what’s the effing point?!”

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