Would You Rather: Beauty Edition

I am lacking in inspiration this afternoon and thought I would do a fun tag for today’s post. We made pina coladas and I have also been trying to find a recipe to use up a can of coconut cream, more on this later. I came across the Would You Rather tag and thought it looked like fun, so here we go!


I could definitely go without mascara, eyeliners and lip stuff – I adore my palettes. I have a few ‘total face’ palettes that are crazy convenient for traveling and great for a minimal face on the go.


Not gonna’ lie, I would probably just go for never cutting it again. Getting my hair done is my least favourite thing to do. I don’t like having someone else wash my hair, I don’t like sitting there for an hour to come out looking virtually the same, I dread hair appointments. I feel bad saying this as my hairdresser is so sweet and she always takes good care of me, it is nothing personal.


Coral! No question, there is a time and place for pink but I am always looking to warm up my complexion and coral is just so versatile.


Makeup – duh! I loathe trying clothes on, I shop for clothes online only so I don’t buy a lot of clothing as it is. I just have classic pieces that can be paired a variety of ways – boring? Absolutely but it gets the job done πŸ˜› Thinking about it right now, I think it is scary to imagine how fast I could blow a $1000 on makeup – yikes…


I think that lipstick as eyeliner sounds easier and probably more comfortable. Eyeliner on the lips sounds like a good way to get some chapped lips.


Sephora, I have never been interested in MAC and don’t own any.


One lip colour – I need my eyeshadow!


Winter clothes all of the time! I like the darker colours and variety of materials – tweed, wool, fleece. I feel that summer clothes are boring and limited, mine are at least.


Dark nails, of course! I wear a lot of dark clothing and my dark nails just jive better with my wardrobe than the few brighter manicures that I have had.


I have so few favourite lip products that I would hate to part with them! I am easier to please when it comes to eye products and would be willing to give up a fav knowing that it would be easier to find a replacement πŸ˜‰


I only wear messy buns so this is a no brainer πŸ˜€


I really like getting my nails done so I would say buh-bye lip gloss!


Well…considering this is what I think of when I envision shaved eyebrows:


Then pass me that Sharpie!


Dang! I thought my nails would be spared but given the choice of course I would keep my makeup πŸ™‚

That was fun, a little long but fun nonetheless. Thanks for stopping by ❀



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