Goddess of Grunge

‘No more palettes…,’ she said, ‘You only need quads…,’ she insisted – well, I am a liar, liar pants on fire. In my defense (shoddy at best) I have been making some serious progress towards empty on the majority of my palettes. Does this mean that I should celebrate by purchasing more? No, but alas the damage is done.

Before I start this post, I was already publicly shamed by my friend who was just appalled that I purchased anything from this line. I’d like to think that I am a fairly informed consumer, I feel strongly about not purchasing from various brands based on ethics or who they are affiliated with but I seriously had no idea about the Lime Crime fiasco. Shame on me and please don’t judge. I also apologize in advance, I sunk some serious ching on their products and will be doing a few posts 😦 I am literally the worst.

The first item that I wanted to share is the Venus Grunge palette, both Venus palettes were in a killer bundle deal and they looked so lovely I could not resist. Typically, I would not be interested in such warm tones but recently I have started to appreciate how warmer shades enhance my natural skin tone. I thought that these shades would pair perfectly with a summer flush and I have not been disappointed. Admittedly, I was secretly hoping to hate these products but damn – I don’t 😛


To start, the package is pure art. I am a nerd for unique, quirky, over the top packaging and I was not disappointed. This palette is sleek, sturdy, totally gorgeous and comes equipped with a decently sized mirror. It fits in my travel makeup bag perfectly but because the lid doesn’t totally seal, I don’t anticipate keeping this in my bag frequently.


The names are embossed in gold detail and of course, are the perfect homage to the goddess of love herself:


Now, with such tres chic packaging I was thinking that the actual product would be a let down but it isn’t (damn). There are 8 shades total including 5 mattes, 1 velvet matte and 2 shimmers. I knew that I would be partial to the nudes but cannot believe how much I loved the look of the deeper burgundy and orange shades! I wore a bit of a bolder eye this weekend and it was actually a hit, even with getting publicly shamed I still got loads of positive feedback. I was nervous because these shades are really out of my comfort zone but I could not have been more pleased. The pigmentation is amazing, the colours are vibrant and I didn’t experience any creasing. I thought that I would like this palette but I adore it, it totally surpassed my expectations. I will definitely be posting some looks as I have time to work with this one some more.


Thanks for stopping by ❤



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  1. Ahh I’ve heard such good things about this palette! Also, I know how you feel about telling yourself to stop buying certain products. I keep telling myself I don’t need any more lipsticks but somehow keep picking one up everyt ime I go to the store D:

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