Highlight Delight

You know you are getting old when you get home at night and have to look words up on Urban Dictionary. If extra is considered a bad thing then basic is a good thing and vice versa, right?! Wrong. I am so lame. How did this happen?! I am just so not cool, I probably never was but at some point I remember feeling cool, sort of. Ah well, I guess this happens to the best of us. Sad face.

The product du jour is a neat little palette from NYX Cosmetics that is packed with pearly, shimmery, glowing pans of highlighter. I know, I know – more highlighter but what is summer without glowing skin? The Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette received rave reviews and I almost went to MOA (the horror) to snag one but got lucky and grabbed the last one at my local ULTA. This brand is BOGO right now and it was a steal of deal!


First off, NYX has really upped their packaging game – this palette is plastic but doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy and has a really nice weight about it. It is also bigger than I had anticipated, other brands have released highlighting/contouring palettes that are comparable in size to some eyeshadow palettes and this is what I was expecting. You get 7 pans of product and most are pretty mainstream but this set also includes a lavender shade and a gold shade that piqued my interest. I don’t know why I keep going for purples lately, I don’t even think I am really supposed to wear them but I cannot help myself.


The pigment is perfect, though some of the shades are fairly similar they each offer something a little different and I had fun layering a couple to create custom shades. These highlighters provide a more than subtle shimmer without being sparkly or garish. They are very buttery and a total cinch to apply. I didn’t have any issues with caking, I applied with my new and fabulous fan brush over my setting spray. My favourite shades are the lavender and golden pink (surprisingly) so far.


First impressions, this palette has been awesome. The quality and quantity are well worth the price tag. Not to mention, the abundance of shades has something for everyone. I know that I am going to love having this one on hand. This line has so many new goodies, I just might have to hit the mall to check them out.


Thanks for stopping by ❤

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