Violet Voss Unboxing!

I was going to wait until I had swatches but I am just too excited over the surprise arrival of these! I was not even expecting them until the end of the week but they are already here and not a pan out of place. Here is a photo essay πŸ˜› of these new additions, enjoy!


The packaging is sleek and matte with magnetic closure and full sized mirrors. The closure is pretty serious – one of them almost got away from me (oops) while I was trying to pull it open.


Holygrail is a warm palette chalk full of rusts, reds, wines and browns. There are 20 shades in total with a decent mix of mattes and shimmers.



Drenched Metal is mostly metallic with greys, purples, blues and some solid nude shades as well.


I am very impressed with the overall quality and presentation, the Violet Voss packaging was totally on point and each palette was securely wrapped in bubble. The shades are gorgeous, the names are adorable and I am so excited to dig in!

Thanks for stopping by ❀

5 thoughts

    1. Thank you 😊 Yea! I put off buying for ages, I didn’t know anything about the brand but so far so good!! Thanks for reading πŸ’•

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