Brush Musts

I just cleaned my makeup brushes, this is always so satisfying. I cannot use most brushes, the ones I do use have to be very soft and I never spend a lot of money on my brushes since I can’t guarantee how my face will respond to them. This isn’t a huge issue since there are loads of affordable brushes out there that are also of good quality. If they don’t work then c’est la vie and I don’t feel terrible about recycling them or turning them into paint brushes. Currently, these are the brushes that have been really working for me:

My favourite complexion brushes are by Royal and Langnickel, their brushes are just so lovely with the bold colours, lush fibers and pleasing price point. I also think it is very cool how the barrels are coated in some rubbery stuff that is extra grippy, I drop stuff constantly and this really helps. This big, purple powder brush is ideal for well, powder 😛 It is super soft and doesn’t waste product, I use it with pressed and loose powder:


Next up is this pretty pink complexion brush, by far the stiffest brush that I own but it doesn’t prick my face. The bristles are very short and I like to use this one for packing on my bronzer/contour products – it gives a really nice, precise edge and I find that I can get product right where I want it:


I use this tapered brush as a blusher, confession – I hardly ever end up using brushes for their intended purpose, I like to free from 😉


This next brush I cannot live without and it actually came free with one of my UD palettes. I only use the flat, stiff end but it is perfect for applying my eyeliner aka dark eye shadow. You can pack on a little or a lot and it works like a dream. I have owned this one for years and for a free brush it has held up exceptionally well.


And last but not least are the Wet ‘n Wild brushes that I keep grabbing every time I see them. These shadow brushes are supper soft and make blending a dream. Plus, at 99 cents a pop – I could own one for every eye shadow that I have. They are vegan too, which is pretty cool and such a cute pop of pink. The barrels are just plastic but they do have a cool finger indent which is a nice touch.


I wash all of my brushes with a dish soap and EVOO mix which works like a dream. I started doing this when I was using natural fiber brushes that required conditioning and have never stopped. This concoction gets even my synthetic brushes squeaky clean and super soft.

That is it, thanks for stopping by ❤




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