It’s 3AM I Must Be Lonely

Dang – name that band 😛 And heads up, this isn’t a beauty entry – sad face. I have a peptic ulcer, I am predisposed to getting them apparently. I cannot pinpoint how or when I got the first ulcer but I have battled them for years and often it keeps me up at night. I have plenty to do during the day so that I don’t notice much but what do you do when that shit hits you at 2AM?! Sometimes I read, listen to music and sometimes I paint. I don’t know, it’s quiet, I am not very good at it and it helps to not have someone peeping over my shoulder and it distracts me. It is also soothing, even if I don’t sleep I still start the day feeling refreshed.

Like I said, I am not very good at it – I haven’t been doing it for very long and I hope to get better with practice. Also, many of these are bastardizations of famous works (or something I saw on Pinterest) but I had to start somewhere!poptimes2.jpg

I love pop art and in fact, have some very cool, real pieces in my apartment so of course I started here. Bold lines, punchy colours and very easy for a beginner to clumsily create. My nude lady cracks me up, I couldn’t for the life of me draw her breasts and she doesn’t have nipples 😀 I don’t know, that was my first pop art and I think I am going to redo it at some point and have another go at here feminine attributes. Also, good thing I don’t paint on my eyebrows because Holy Moses! I sketched these out with pencil and filled in with acrylics.


This one isn’t done yet, I have a silhouette stencil of David Bowie that I am creating and will spray paint on with gold. This actually started as a splatter project and then I changed my mind. That is the cool thing about painting, if you start going one direction and change your mind then you can just paint over it.


This one was merely convenience, I got a pack of canvas on sale from Michael’s and it had a mix of different shaped canvases that I tried to make work. Plus, I had a whole bag of sequins that I wanted to use. The bottom one I guess I would call pop art as well, just a fun one that hangs in my bedroom. Someone once told me that I should do I hate one in contrast, and I got the yin yang concept but then I was like:


And decided against that 😛

That is how I spend my time when I cannot sleep – I think it is very relaxing and mostly easy as long as you aren’t overly critical. Plus, buying paint and canvas is almost as fun as makeup 😉

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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