Friday Night Face Time v9

Another Friday night, I am watching Clive Owen movies (the good ones) and doing some laundry – yay. I thought I would just do a start to finish bedtime routine tonight, nothing exciting.

Cleanse: For my cleanse I used my recent favourite balm from Boots and I am still loving the results. This Hot Balm, it feels so nourishing and leaves my face clean but not stripped. It still smells funk πŸ˜€ but I am getting used to it and I cannot argue with the way it makes my skin look and feel.

Tone: I definitely did not need another rosewater toner but I just cannot pass them up when I see a new one. This Rosewater Toning Spritz is refreshing and very moisturizing, it isn’t overly rose scented either if you prefer something on the subtle side. It is formulated with alcohol, so heads up there but I’ve not experienced any irritation thus far.


Moisturize: In the summertime, I usually just apply a face oil at night and this keeps my skin plenty hydrated. This Palmer’s is very thirst quenching with rosehip and Vitamin E, it absorbs quickly but provides lasting moisture.

This eye cream is one that I had purchased to replace another I had been using with ho-hum results and I don’t have an opinion on it yet. I will say that it is more like a serum than a cream and absorbs immediately but too soon to tell if I like it better than my Weleda.

Then I apply my plain ol’ Vitamin E to any place that feels dry or to any rough patches that I have. I use it as additional moisture for the vertical lines around my mouth (eek) and crows feet (double eek).


Treat: Lastly, I used my Yesto daily acne treatment to combat any issues that may want to arise. This stuff is awesome, it is ultra gentle and doesn’t cause my face to peel. I do apply it over my face oil so that I still have a barrier but it still works great. I use this every night and could not be happier.


And that is pretty much my summer night routine give or take a few products, nothing fancy πŸ™‚ I am going on a LUSH run tomorrow so maybe I will have something more indulgent for next week!

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