June Empties!

It is that time again, I cannot believe that it is almost July! Then August…then blah, blah, blah and Halloween! I live for the month of October, each year we do 30 Nights of Horror and watch a new scary movie every night, plus pumpkin flavoured everything! The horror franchises from the 80’s are my favourites. Confession, I thought that Pinhead was so dreamy when I was 11 years old, I don’t know what this says about me. Anyway…


To the empties! One of only two cosmetic items that I panned this month (sadly) was my timeBalm Foundation and honestly, I called it on this one before I used it all. I was close but as I started digging out the sides it would crumble making it a touch hard to blend. I will repurchase this one in the fall, it is the best full coverage foundation that I have ever used but the formula doesn’t feel heavy at all. The only reason I don’t wear this one in the summer is because I don’t need as much coverage. Definitely a keeper!


This next item is a fairly recent must have, this daily moisturizer from YesTo is amazing and I have already raved about it on 2 occasions so will spare you 😀


I love my cleansing balms and even though this is my second tub of Ren’s Rosa Centifolia I think that I will hold off on repurchasing. It is very lovely and I get it for almost 20$ cheaper on Amazon but I have a few other balms that work just as well.


This face wash from FAB was a freebie and is a very mild cleanser that delivers decent results. I won’t be purchasing a full size but again, mostly due to having plenty of cleansers that I really enjoy using already. I love these Reviva Labs Vitamin E sticks and bought a ton on BOGO – seriously, I slather this stuff everywhere and this roll up tube is perfect for just tossing in your bag and using whenever needed.


The other cosmetic item that I hit empty on was my NYX Tinted Brow Mascara that (surprise) I already repurchased on BOGO! This is my favourite brow product and it is crazy affordable.


Next up is this c. Booth Coconut Fig Body lotion that took me almost 3 months to finish because the bottle is huge. I don’t know if it smells like figs or not but it definitely had a mild coconut smell that was really yummy. I will repurchase, I love this particular body lotion formula but will check out another flavour.


Another body lotion?! Yup – this moisturizer from Nivea is so light and refreshing, I have tubs all over the place. They also come in teenie tubs that I stow in my purse, car and desk so hitting empty on one isn’t really much of an accomplishment 😦


Now to wash, peel labels and recycle anything that I cannot find another purpose for. Yay 😛 Heads up, those Nivea tubs are awesome for storing crafting odds and ends. I hope to use up more makeup in July or else I am going to have to go on a No Buy due to storage issues. Sad face.

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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