Top 5 Drug Store Finds: June

Another month of A Game releases from major discount beauty brands luring me back to my favourite drugstores. I definitely love my high-end brands but in the last year or so have a newfound appreciation for the cheaper goodies. Many brands that I formerly skipped on have released new lines that don’t skimp on quality and I love it. Without further introduction, here are the top 5 drugstore products that made my month 😀

First up is something that I don’t talk a lot about or purchase often, a nail polish. Since I don’t paint my nails I rarely purchase polish but with wedding season, baby showers and a whole host of other summer activities I had to paint my toes. This tomato red Geranium from essie is lovely. I like to wear red but it can make me look very pale, the undertones of orange in this shade don’t wash me out. No complaints on wear, this formula is awesome.


I get the feeling that I am addicted to tomatoes, what isn’t there to love?! I will be the first to say that you should wash your face every, single night – no matter what and I am not a huge fan of face wipes. However, if I only wore tinted  sunscreen or a BB for the day then I am OK with using them. These tomatoey wipes are formulated with salicylic acid and help combat oil and acne even if you don’t do a full face cleanse. Yep, they are another Yesto product and I have zero qualms.


Next up is an item from Maybelline’s summer 2016 lineup and one that I have been using almost everyday. I was underwhelmed with the highlighting product but this Master Strobing Stick in the deeper tone is a keeper. I am still disappointed that there are only 2 shades but this one is working for me and imparts a lovely sun-kissed glow. Plus, it comes in a stick – winning. Side note, what the hell happened to Charlie Sheen?


These purple lippies from Revlon got a lot of wear this month, plus I got them on sale which is always a bonus. Crush and Intensity are really fun shades from the HD Matte lippie line but again, are not true mattes. They have still grown on me because the formula is extremely comfortable to wear with beautiful colour saturation – just don’t waste your time waiting for them to dry down and be prepared for the occasional touch up.


And finally, yet another face oil 😛 but they are just so amazing! I find that oils tend to penetrate better than regular moisturizers and they provide longer lasting results. I still use my daily moisturizer but get a little more oomph with my face oil. This brightening oil from Boots Botanics is the perfect daytime oil, it wears really nice under foundation and keeps my skin glowing. Out of my arsenal of face oils, this one actually has a noticeable floral scent that is really lovely. These face oils won’t break the bank but seem so chic in their glass bottles and you can’t beat the results.


Nothing beats a quality product at a bargain price. If you haven’t checked out the recent bargain beauty releases, what are you waiting for?!

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