Best of June

Last month-end post, I promise! June really flew by, I know, I know – how cliche but am I right?! Even though it flew by and I didn’t get to do all the things I had wanted to, I still had a few new favs.

Best of Skincare: This balm already made one of my top lists but I had to rave about it again. I did not go one night without using this lovely hot balm from Boots, it is just so nourishing and feels luxurious at a total bargain.


Best of Makeup: Not really a makeup item per say but this Airspun powder got me through many a humid, sweaty, nasty day this month. I kind of just wanted to dump it all over my body, I cannot handle humidity and I sweat enough without it. Seriously, I have considered putting antiperspirant on the palms of my hands – don’t judge. My only beef is that since this has been all over social media websites it is constantly out of stock – I had to pay 2$ more at the drugstore when Wal-Mart was out.

Best of Music: It was a grunge/alternative month – I am a 90’s kid! Nirvana, Bush, Courtney Love, Counting Crows – I was all about those gravely riffs and haunting lyrics.


Best of Movies: Movie of the month was most definitely Detroit Rock City. I am a huge KISS fan (I cannot really explain it) I almost peed my pants when I read that they were looking for reserve roadies for the summer. I would quit my job in 2 seconds to be a roadie for them, le sigh. Not only does this coming of age in the late 70’s saga have a bitching soundtrack it also boasts a star studded cast – Natasha Lyonne, Shannon Tweed, Melanie Lynskey, Edward Furlong and of course the band. Plus, Jam’s mom (the crazy, religious zealot) could be my mom – the smoking, conspiracy theories, the wine, Donny and Marie – I am not even joking. Great flick, heavy on the cussing, drugs, sex and well rock and roll 😛


Best of Beverages: It is rose season, I am all about the White Girl Rose – mostly because it is great camping wine and it doesn’t taste too terrible 😉

Best of Food: I recently discovered that many grocery stores offer chopped up, fresh veggie stir fry medleys and I am all about it! It is way easier to commit to a medley of veggies than several bags of individual ones and the cost is crazy reasonable.

That is it, I didn’t get through a book that I would consider a favourite and am in fact about to give up on one that is just too sad. I hope that July is a little more action packed and less hot so that I feel like getting in on the action 🙂

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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