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A Quick ‘Hi’ and NOTD

Oh, and maybe a  short wishlist as some things that I have been wanting to try are finally hitting shelves! I took a short hiatus as I was mentally/emotionally investing myself in the first week at the new gig. I have a difficult time accepting… Read More

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A Beauty Blogger Tag

I don’t know what the official name of this tag is, I was just looking around online for some fun questions and this is what I found. Enjoy! 1. Name a beauty routine you barely do. Curling my eyelashes, I just don’t see the point… Read More

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A Week in ‘Grams v6

And tomorrow is Monday 😦 the weekends have really been flying by. I need my birth certificate for work and have been frantically searching for it for days. I checked all of the places it should be – file cabinet, drawer, shoe box of important… Read More

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Fair warning, this is a rant post. I have very few pet peeves and usually they aren’t as petty as this one but where better to talk about it than a beauty forum, I ask. It irritates the piss out of me when people open… Read More

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Pretty in Poutmud

The weather has me under the weather, the heat and humidity have been oppressive lately. I get heat blisters from even moderately warm wind and my lips have been  cracked and peeling lately. It stresses me out, if my mom showed her age anywhere it… Read More

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Lips are Wildin’

Had to make a stop at Walgreens this weekend for some prescriptions and well, obviously had to peruse the cosmetics while I was waiting. I was not looking for anything in particular, I rarely am but always end up leaving with something (isn’t that always… Read More