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I made it to the finalist interviews for this job that I really want – this is exciting but 3 face to face interviews and 1 phone screening later and I am a little antsy! This role will be a demotion and huge career change for me but I have made the decision (after almost 10 years) that corporate ladder climbing and managing people is not for me. I want something less stressful and more rewarding, you cannot put a price on your sanity. I am such a nerd that I will get dressed up for a phone screening in the same manner that I do for a face to face interview. I just feel that employers would be able to tell if I was just laying on my face on the couch 😛 Anyway, I won’t jinx it by saying it went well and I really never know anyway. I assure you that roughly half of those bullshit articles you read about job interviews are just that, bullshit. I had a manager that would tell me to be hostile towards candidates to see how they reacted under pressure – how mean is that?! I had a peer supervisor who would obsessively ask the candidate to repeat their answers to ‘keep them on their toes,’ no joke. You cannot account for someone’s personal style or quirks just hold your ground and be you.


Anyway, it is Friday and it is face time 🙂 There has been a lot of hubbub recently around women shaving their faces (dermaplaning…apparently) and I am actually ahead of the trend here, this never happens. I have extremely sensitive skin and waxing my face or any other part of me results in hives. Shaving is quicker, less uncomfortable and even though the results don’t last as long I still get really smooth skin. I do it at home, all on my own and it is definitely a part of my skin care routine. I’ve had this done at a salon, I follow most of the tips that I got from an expert but I am no expert and what works for me may not work for you. This is my disclaimer 😉

It really all started when I was wearing mineral foundation, even though I don’t have a lot of hair on my face it was highlighted by my powder. On top of this, I would often wake up with just rough, bumpy skin that could not be hidden. When a Hmong friend of mine told me that I should just shave my face I was like – yea, right. She explained that women in her family swear by it and she does have great skin so I did some research and gave it a whirl.


Remember the first time you shaved your legs and thought that you were going to cut a tendon? Was this just me, maybe this was just me…moving on. First up, I would recommend getting a tool just for the job. I get it, men shave their faces with regular ol’ razors all of the time but something about 5 blades on my thin face skin makes it crawl. I don’t think you would blow a hole in your face so to speak but the single planing razors are easy to work with and they do a great job. I prefer to exfoliate before I shave just to get my skin and hairs softened up, it is more comfortable this way. You don’t need to exfoliate since you are going to get that from the planing but scraping dry skin grosses me out so I like my face to be supple. I don’t apply a shaving cream, using short strokes and avoiding any acne I just shave my face.


sourced from web, I get these any time they go BOGO at Target. I wish they would put it in a squeeze bottle!

For aftercare I use a shave balm (you all know the one, but the cooling balm is also awesome) and I use a serum to prevent ingrown hairs. I don’t typically experience issues with ingrown hairs but I wanted to be on the safe side and I cannot live without this Serious Serum. I agree, 25$ is steep for such a dinky, no name product but you only need to apply it to the areas that you planed so it lasts forever. It will pill up if you try and apply makeup over it, this is a lesson I learned early on – do not jump into your regular beauty routine right after planing. I do this roughly every 2 weeks on Friday nights and let my skin breathe.


sourced from web – I purchase this product via Amazon

I swear by this routine and really do consider it as a part of basic skincare. I cannot rave enough about how much the texture and appearance of my skin has improved over the years. Not only do I like my bare skin, I love the way my foundation applies. I still have areas of large pores but very minimal weird bumps and dry patches. Definitely recommend even if you only have peach fuzz, you will find that there are a whole host of added benefits. Just keep your tools sharp, use a light hand, careful around your brows (more on this later) and don’t skip the aftercare!

Happy shaving (or dermaplaning – who coined this phrase) and thanks for stopping by ❤

4 thoughts

  1. Good luck with that job! You’re totally right. Your sanity is not worth the money you could make in some professions. I just went through an interview process in May, and I know it’s super nerve-wracking. I hope it all goes well!


  2. Seriously loved this post and needed it so badly. Just the push I needed, I’ve been so torn about whether to shave my face or not, you’ve convinced me! Wishing you luck with this job 🙂 xoxo

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