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Lips are Wildin’

Had to make a stop at Walgreens this weekend for some prescriptions and well, obviously had to peruse the cosmetics while I was waiting. I was not looking for anything in particular, I rarely am but always end up leaving with something (isn’t that always the way). They just recently restocked all of the new Wet n Wild makeup brushes at this particular store so I grabbed more of those and a few lippies that were 2 for 3$. They had some really fun colours (totally out of my comfort zone) and I figured that at 1.50$ a pop that I wouldn’t feel bad if they were terrible. I picked up 4 tubes of their MegaLast Lip Color in varying degrees of loud, summer colours.


The packaging is pretty basic and rather small which make these perfect for storing in my purse. The lipstick is flat-topped, I assumed that this would make it difficult to apply but it is just about as easy as chapstick. Side note, I have a gal pal that wears her lipstick down into a point – no idea how she does this and it just cracks me up 😀

lipstick shapes.PNG

Anyway, the formula is pretty smooth and I did not notice lot of skipping or patchy application. You definitely need more than just one swipe, I have gotten used to not needing to apply very much liquid lipstick and guess I don’t totally know how much one really needs. The colour saturation of all shades is more than I would have expected from lipstick at this price point and the shades overall are really gorgeous. These lippies while they are semi-matte are formulated with Vitamin A and E so they feel really nice on your lips. I am calling their bluff on the 4 hour claim, these transferred pretty much onto everything and I touched up quite a bit. I also found that overall wear varied somewhat depending on the shade. Sadly, I don’t totally know which shades I bought as the little label was peeled off of 2 tubes but here are some swatches:


This one is my favourite shade, it is just nude and peachy and was really easy to wear. I wasn’t seeing a lot of matte per say but I still liked the finish. #humidityhairdontcare


This one didn’t photograph too well, it is actually more hot pink than it appears in this photo and it is probably the most matte out of the bunch. This one stained the dickens out of my lips – even though it transferred as much as the others I had to use baby oil to get it totally off. I like it but it is definitely an odd formula.


This is one of the tubes that did not have a label, I guess I would call it a really orangey coral. I figured that this would be a fun one for summer, the formula was again more satin than matte.


This is the other tube without a label and again, did not photograph very well for me! This one is a classic Barbieesque shade that I probably won’t wear much, I was hoping for a more nude pink but oh well.

I am mostly pleased as I was not expecting much anyway and if I needed more lippies would consider buying more from this line. I am interested to see how some of the reds wear, I suspect they may stain like the dark pink but could be wrong. I see myself getting a lot of wear out of these this summer! If you want to play around with some new shades and don’t want to blow a bunch of cash then I would recommend!

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  1. Christiana Milan

    Great post! Don’t Blink Pink’ looks wonderful on you. I just bought a few Wet&Wild lippies from Walmart today. I love them!

    • Thank you 😊 They are surprisingly good quality! I can see why they are popular. Thanks for reading!

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