Fair warning, this is a rant post. I have very few pet peeves and usually they aren’t as petty as this one but where better to talk about it than a beauty forum, I ask. It irritates the piss out of me when people open makeup and put it back on the shelf. I don’t care if it is a 6$ bottle of nail polish or in today’s case a 60$ palette – just don’t do it. It has happened to me on a number of occasions where I get all the way home just to find that a product I purchased as new was used as someone’s tester. I thought that I had learned my lesson and was beating the system by picking product that was a few rows back but alas, not today. Usually, I will just take the loss but as this was a spendier item I decided to take it back. Every shadow had fingerprints in it. Sad face. On top of taking home a used product, I was treated like a total pariah for returning it at ULTA! Honestly, I will never go back to this particular location. I am a Capricorn and a redhead, you better believe I can hold a mean grudge.

At any rate, I did get a sweet new palette and am fortunate enough that I can enjoy the privileges of American society but I cannot abide such rudeness! So, PSA – if there isn’t a tester then just ask a sales person if they will open one for you and most of the time they will. If they won’t, then take it home and test it out and if you hate it then return. Returning cosmetics is so much less taboo than it used to be and it is better than ruining it for someone else. Rant over, Stella out 😉


6 thoughts

  1. This almost happened to me… Luckily I double checked the palette and there were fingerprints all over it, same with another one I checked. I decided not to buy from that shop… It wasn’t worth getting a new used product. Totally agree with you, it’s a pet peeve!

  2. You’re so right about this. I too think it’s absolutely disgusting to use a product that’s intended for sale as a tester. It sounds harsh, but I wish the people who do this only the worst in life. They have no manners and no common decency. They essentially destroy products and cause the shops the same financial losses they’d incur if the products were stolen.

    If only all the manufacturers would seal their products!!I don’t buy anything that isn’t sealed because of the risk of someone having touched, applied or even opened (!) the product. I don’t want to worry about what if someone opened this eye palette already, what if they touched the brush or sneezed into the palette…. So if a product isn’t sealed properly, no sale! In this case I rather buy online – which is the last thing the high street needs.

    On a positive note, there’s a Boots store near my work place which is brilliant because they’re sealing unsealed products themselves – with ludicrous amount of sticky tape. I’m happy to buy my foundaton there. 🙂

    1. Right?! I love it when brands seal the crap out of their products! I’ve noticed that some items that come in boxes are being wrapped in plastic material on the inside too. You are right, it is rather like stealing. I am glad that extra precautions are being taken by retailers to prevent this. Rude and gross. Glad I’m not the only one!

  3. Over in my country most of the stuff such as makeup is wrapped in their plastic and the tester is always on display so it rarely happens. But that really sucks would have hate if it were to happen to me 😦

    1. Honestly, I’ve had this happen more than once at this particular store – unsure of why but that is it for me! You are lucky!! I hope it never happens to you 😊

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