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A Quick ‘Hi’ and NOTD

Oh, and maybe a  short wishlist as some things that I have been wanting to try are finally hitting shelves! I took a short hiatus as I was mentally/emotionally investing myself in the first week at the new gig. I have a difficult time accepting deviations to my routine so new commute, new hours, new boss and blah, blah, blah takes some getting used to but well worth it. I am such a ridiculous creature of habit, I even strive to park in the same spots when I go grocery shopping or run errands – super weird and I cannot explain it but I don’t like change. It feels awesome settling back into this routine 🙂

First up, I had a shower to go to this weekend and randomly decided to go with a loud, summery nail colour. Look at me breaking routines, maybe I should consider some clothing that isn’t neutral 😛


Next up – the new releases just will not quit this summer and of course several of my favourite brands have new items that I must have. Just when I thought my Lime Crime collection was complete, they release these beauties:


I think they all look gorgeous but my favs are Thistle and Wisteria – a lippie named Wisteria?! *swoon* Rustic and the  not pictured Saddle might be too bold for me but I think they would make gorgeous fall colours if you can pull them off!

This next foundation I have to wait on, boo – I have way too many bottles to work through before I can justify purchasing this! The All Nighter foundation from Urban Decay sounds like it would work great with my oily skin, I cannot wait to get into ULTA to swatch it and how neat is this bottle:


And finally some skin care, YesTo has released some new products that are formulated with argan and rose oils – two of my favourite face oils. I also want to get my hands on some of these adorable little face mask pods:



That’s it – have a fabulous evening and thanks for stopping by ❤


    • Thank you! I’ve only run into it at some of the bigger Walgreens so far. Hope you find some 😊

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