Jaclyn Hill x BECCA Palette – A Review and Other Ramblings

I love house scents; candles, wax melts, potpourri (so dated, I know), essential oils – anything to keep my apartment fresh. I picked up this citrus Glade today and my apartment smells like a horror movie! OK, not actual horror movies but the scent is eerily similar to what my grandmother used in her guest bedroom where we watched loads of contraband horror flicks. Not that we were supposed to of course, I have no idea how we managed to get away with talking her into renting some of those movies. Many a sleepless summer night back in the 90’s 😜 Anyway, it just always amazes me how a smell can transport one to a whole other lifetime.

So, my apologies as I know that just about everyone owns this palette and I am classically tardy to the party. It is just so lovely to photograph and I’ve read so many mixed reviews that I thought it wouldn’t hurt to share my thoughts. I’ll keep it short though!

I have shared before that I am not a huge fan of the original Champagne Pop.  So why I wanted a palette inspired by it is a mystery to me too. But honestly, 3 blushers plus 2 highlighters for 52$ isn’t bad and provided a great opportunity to try out some new shades. I waited for the in-store launch so I could take a peek before I purchased but the tester at MOA was pulverized and not helpful. Seriously, I went there only 2 days after it was in stock and that poor palette looked as though it had been Hulk smashed. I was still able to get a feel for the size of the pans and the glitter dust looked pretty 😝 I was immediately in love with rose spritz, the luminous blush and knew I needed it for that alone. I wish this was one of the shades being sold in the split compacts, le sigh. Anyway, I have used at least 1 pan every day since I have owned it (even the champagne pop) and here are my thoughts:


  • Packaging!! I owned this palette for all of a half hour when I dropped it on the garage floor. I was also carrying groceries and a jar of baby frogs, it was the palette or the frogs people. These frogs keep leaving the pond out back and they get trapped in the garage, I try and relocate them, it’s a whole thing. Anyway, the pans totally survived as did the mirror. Very sturdy, quality compact
  • Variety of shades, you get pinks, a brownish blusher and of course your champagnes
  • Pan sizes aren’t stingy, I see this lasting quite some time
  • Versatile shades, I will have no problem finding a use for all 5 pans


  • Why isn’t rose spritz one of the big pans?! It is so gorgeous, I’d take 2 small blushers any day of the week to get more of this luminous blusher
  • Hype. Enough said.
  • The mineral blushers while definitely usable, aren’t anything I haven’t seen before. Of the 2 mineral blushers, pamplemousse is my preferred

Overall, I think this palette is gorgeous and of the quality you would expect from BECCA. Honestly, I do not see a formula difference between the palette products and other single compacts that I own. Both shimmering skin perfectors impart a lovely glow that packs some decent staying power and are super easy to use. I am glad that I finally picked it up and that it didn’t explode when I dropped it 😣 Also, I wish that champagne pop would be released in a compact similar to the splits, that would be so lovely. Oh, and release rose on its own 😊

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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