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The weather has me under the weather, the heat and humidity have been oppressive lately. I get heat blisters from even moderately warm wind and my lips have been  cracked and peeling lately. It stresses me out, if my mom showed her age anywhere it was around her mouth and I do have the beginnings of teenie wrinkles. Sad face. I have a love hate relationship with lip scrubs, I think I use them too aggressively and it feels as though I am shredding my lips. But I was also desperate to take care of some dry skin that was left over from the heat rash. The sales gal at my local Sephora recommended the Poutmud exfoliating treatment from GLAMGLOW. It is a very fine lip treatment that fizzes into a paste when exposed to water, I also picked up a Poutmud lip balm treatment for some extra moisture. I have used a handful of face masks from this line and some have been awesome while others meh but I was excited to try these two lip treatments. Are they worth the price tag, here are my thoughts:



  • Both products smell delightful, Moroccan mint is one of the key ingredients making them yummy and refreshing
  • The ingredients overall are awesome; sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, black tea, starfruit, guava, lychee – I mean come on!
  • The exfoliating treatment is not harsh or overly abrasive, it makes my lips feels crazy smooth
  • The balm isn’t too heavy but heavy enough that my lips feel saturated in moisture
  • I have been able to wear the balm under lip colour to protect my chapped lips and it works great
  • Marked improvement to the texture of my lips and the balm helped them heal quicker


  • Impractical packaging, they come in these large spheres that are really too big given the amount of actual product
  • Price point – wowza
  • Usage recommendation is every 2 days which seems more often than other treatments and I would burn through both in no time if I follow that regimen


Definitely more pros than cons and I am pretty jazzed with how my lips feel. I don’t know if I can justify using these treatments as part of an every 2 night routine – that would get spendy fast. Also, what am I going to do with the containers when I am done? It just feels so wasteful. I will keep using but a little more sparingly now that my lips are on the mend but I am glad I decided to give these 2 products a try.

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