Taste Of TooFaced

Ahhhhh! I think I am back, but I don’t want to jinx it after 2’ish days without power or internet. Not going to lie, it was really nice not being constantly plugged into social media for a bit – the BF kept telling me to use the 4G (I don’t even know what that is). I don’t consider the blogosphere social media, I am talking Facebook or Twitter and I think it is time to cut the ties. As soon as I started reading my feed it seemed like the world was on fire and it might be but I think that Facebook is a major platform for misinformation and sensationalism. Stories and events that used to be vetted and researched are now available in seconds and those first few seconds can spur dangerous reactions, mass panic and hysteria. When Columbine went down, yes, getting information to parents in seconds would have been ideal but if parents/relatives/friends had started storming the campus this could have proved dangerous. I think that social media can be used for a lot of good but more often than not it isn’t. I won’t keyboard jockey all night, Facebook has served its purpose in my life (keeping in touch with old school mates) and now it is just kind of a monster. Too often it is used to pedal misinformation and rarely are those comments/opinions that could prove detrimental  or unfounded retracted in light of actual facts. No shade to those who do you use it, it can be a lot of fun as well – but take it upon yourself to do your own research and post responsibly.

So, on Tuesday afternoon while I was trying to keep the booze from getting warm by slamming it (kidding, I was packing the cooler and eating ice cream) the UPS man brought me my ULTA package. I used my 20% perks coupon and cashed in a boatload of points – cha-ching and am pretty jazzed. I won’t do a haul post as I will probably forget to come back and review the individual items. I am going to talk about a couple of products that I picked up from TooFaced that I have been able to road test these last couple of days. I have never owned anything from this brand and the packaging is so fabulous, I was impressed and excited to try out the new goodies.

I will start with the good, first up is the Hangover Primer that claims to hydrate, smooth and  brighten skin – what more could you want from a primer!? As if I wasn’t already sold, it is also silicone free and it smells like coconut! And this stuff is pretty awesome, it smells so delicious and a pea-sized amount gave me a solid base. It is a bit runnier than my usual primers and this will take some getting used to but so far so good. Lots of primers can make my face red and this one didn’t bother me, it definitely provided a smooth base for my foundation. My only complaint is it did nothing for my large pores (no silicone) but I cannot complain when it kept my face looking so hydrated even in the dry office climate. Also, silicone formulated primers break me out pretty quick and I need to stop using them. For the price point you do get a bit more product than other high-end brands and this is definitely a bonus.


Next up is this fabulous tube of the Better than Sex Mascara and it was a favourite based on the chic pink, metal tube alone. I don’t know why this appealed to me so much but it just feels so sassy and sophisticated, I can’t explain it. The spoolie is curvy and reminds me a lot of the Buxom mascaras that I loved for a long time. This formula gives you phat lashes that last all day even in the humidity. Fair warning, 3 coats was a bit much for a daytime look (oops).


Now to the not so good, sad face. I have been wanting to try their Born This Way foundation for ages. The shade snow sounded like just what I was looking for, very fair with neutral to pink undertones. I am so bummed over how yellow this foundation is! Many fair foundations can be very yellow but when it is specifically advertised as being pink it just irks me when it isn’t. I would call this foundation more of a cream than a liquid, it definitely has some body to it. The good thing there is that I don’t need a whole lot to get decent coverage but if I had to build this, it would be way too yellow to wear. The overall wear was very nice, no problems with creasing or product breaking up and dare I say – undetectable 😉 10 points for packaging, very cute frosted glass bottle with a pump that does not spray all over and who doesn’t love gold accents? I just wish pink actually meant pink!


Finally (sorry for the wordy post, sheesh) I picked up a tube of the new Born This Way Concealer as I am still on the hunt for a holy grail concealer and this one isn’t too shabby! the shade very fair does actually have pink undertones as advertised (now just redo the foundation) and it is a great match for my complexion. The formula is creamy and easy to blend, it also baked really well. My biggest beef is the applicator, it is a doe foot that does not bend and it is tricky to work with and get into crevices. Other than that, so far so good – I have oily skin and this concealer lasted really well without settling in wrinkles. Again, 10 points for the packaging and I am overall really pleased with this one.


That is it, my first taste of TooFaced and I am overall happy with the products that I have tried so far! Even though I was underwhelmed by a couple of things, I look forward to trying the other products that I picked and more besides. I definitely think this line has a lot of quality to offer.

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