What She Wore – When She Got the Job Edition

Yep – woop, woop! After what seemed like a lifetime and multiple interviews later, I am the one and could not be more excited. Thanks for all of the well wishes, they definitely helped keep me optimistic through this whole process <3

Here is what I wore when I was trying to keep my composure and not bear hug my new boss 😉


I rarely use this post shave balm by Nivea as a primer but when I do it is because I need something that is going to last more than all day. This stuff is super sticky and I knew that it would get me through my workday and after hour meetings. I reached for the Born This Way foundation and concealer again today, the foundation looked a little better but I used as little as I could and went for extra coverage with the concealer which, is a perfect match for me. I have been putting just a couple of drops of this brightening serum from Boots on my BB and it assists with flawless blending and makes my skin so glowy.


For my base, I used this Maybelline primer that is definitely a favourite and I used the PUR eye-balm to help banish puffiness. I picked up these 2 Tarte products in my recent ULTA order and I like them both so far. I won’t say as much as I do my staple UD lash primer and mascara but close. I lightened up my water line with this wet n’ wild pencil that is a brow product but works great for making my peepers pop.


For eyeshadow I kept it mostly nude, I used this Violet Voss palette and chose crystal, toffee and glamping. I didn’t want to look like a mess for my meeting and wanted something more natural. I lurv this palette- the shades are so buttery and they  don’t fade.

PhototasticCollage-2016-07-08-19-56-24.jpgNothing crazy on the eyebrows, a little definition and a little highlight.


A little gloss and highlight 🙂 My lips have been torn up lately due to a fever, I just bought a lip scrub though and hope it helps so I can get back to actual lippies.


A little powder and then a few spritzes of this gorgeous spray to get me through the day.

That is it, pretty low maintenance and summery. Thanks for stopping by <3



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