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A Matte Made in Heaven

Admittedly, I love a lot of beauty products and would have a tough time choosing one particular item that I could not live without. Aside from the obvious addictions, eye-shadow, mascara and lip products – I relish the sensation of a new primer. I suspect… Read More

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All Night Long

Confession, I have about 6 bottles of foundation that I bought all in a stretch of 3 months. I have been on a total bender even though I really do have a few foundations that I truly enjoy using, I like to keep my skin… Read More

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Fashionably Falling

First up, announcement – I am changing the name of my blog. Originally I thought that I would never tire of makeup and skin care and all that fun stuff and while they will remain my number 1 (and 2) addictions, I also love clothing… Read More

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Cubicle Life

Back to school season always seems to get me down a tad. I get really nostalgic and wonder where the years between 18 and almost 30 (eek) have gone. I’ve accomplished many things but there are also things that I have not and now feel… Read More

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A Week in ‘Grams v8

Another Monday down – woot, woot. I try not to celebrate the passing of time, one day I will probably look back and wish for more Mondays. Sad face. Here is a peek back at the last couple of weeks. Thanks for stopping by ❤