Liquid Gold or Liquid Snooki?

In all fairness, Snooki could not be looking any more amazing – right? Anyway, I cannot be the only one who has watched Younique promotions and contemplated giving their mineral foundation a whirl.  Up to recently, I have been working my way through a few bottles of foundation and having finished 2 (finally) I ordered the Touch Liquid Foundation. I have a friend who is a presenter and her foundation always looks flawless so I felt pretty confident in this product. So how does this foundation stack up?

To start, it is a mineral foundation and contains loads of skin beneficial ingredients. I have a lot of luck with mineral foundations, they keep my complexion healthy and I rarely have allergic reactions to them. The shade range is decent and again they had that elusive pink undertones shade that I am always on the hunt for. The coverage claims could not be more amazing and this foundation garners high accolades from the majority of its users. For being an almost no name brand this foundation rings in at $39 for .68 oz. which makes it a tad steep and something I would really have to love to keep purchasing. On the plus side, I really did use less than other brands and could see this bottle lasting quite some time.

It comes in a frosted glass bottle with an eye-drop dispenser and I used my BB to apply although I know the recommended applicator is a brush. I was skeptical that I only needed 3-5 drops, this stuff is thin but I shook well and followed the instructions. I was definitely impressed with the coverage, it covered my hyper-pigmentation in no time and overall imparted a smooth, satin-matte finish. I just love the way it applied, even in dry areas it looked flawless and my skin looked plump and healthy. I thought for sure that I had a winner, I finished my face (no need to set with powder) went to make coffee, came back and BAM…orange. So, I am definitely of the assumption that after 3’ish high-end foundations oxidizing on me that it is me. I mean, come on! I have seen this foundation on someone with damn near identical skin tone and it looks amazing, how could it be so orange?! Also, I ordered a concealer and powder in the same shade (organza) and they blend seamlessly! I have been conducting some research on possible reasons as to why my foundation always oxidizes and came up with some very interesting possibilities.


1) My skin is very oily and my natural oils are breaking through my primer and mixing with the foundation. Possible solution: Silicone based primer – shudder. I’ve not had great luck with primers that literally plug your pores but will do some further research.

2) My moisturizer or other face treatments are mixing with my foundation. Possible solution: Let that shit dry. Which, I am pretty good about so I don’t think this is the issue.

3) Humidity, nothing I can do there.

I am beyond bummed that this foundation looked so perfect for all of 10 minutes 😦 I’m lying, I wore it all day as I was not in the mood to redo my face and this foundation wears extremely well as far as not creasing, breaking up or settling in pores! I really want this to be my new foundation. Sad face. I am going to try it with different primer combos and see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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