The Big ‘O’val Office

OK – so if someone has not already used that tagline then what is wrong with this country?! Disclaimer, this will be one of very few pseudo-political posts that I ever pen. Aside from this election year playing out like a bad reality TV show (that I am sure other countries are just sitting back and laughing at) the mud-slinging campaign towards Melania Trump is appalling. I just don’t understand how so many major news outlets are dissecting her nude photos and modeling past while remaining completely mum about Bill Clinton. I mean, Monica Lewinsky anyone?! America wanted him impeached, he lied about the alleged sexual relations, under oath in front of a grand jury.ย  And yet, nothing. Why is there so much focus put on the First Ladies when they aren’t even running the country? Why did it matter that Michelle Obama bared her stunning arms in a modest by all standards dress? Hillary took heat for her appearance when she was the First Lady, those pant suits were so unladylike. Too attractive, too ugly, dressed to well, frumpy – the FLOTUS cannot win and it is just shameful. Anyway, I am proud to be an American but we cast stones like we aren’t living in a glass house. Also, I am not a Trump supporter by any means – staunch Independent #powerforthepeoplebythepeople.


Moving on, I finally got my hands on Churro!! I missed the second restock and on a whim checked out their site from sheer boredom and ta-da, it was in stock. I’ve never purchased any of ColourPop’s highlighters because they look so powdery in the product photos but I was so wrong. The texture of this highlighter is so delicious and hard to describe, it is like silk and I didn’t experience any fall out using my fan brush. The colour saturation is also crazy amazing, when the 2 pigments blend it creates a gorgeous bronze hue that will warm up any complexion. Plus, who doesn’t love the affordable quality that is ColourPop? I might have to order another pot while it is still in stock, this one is going to get a ton of use. I highly recommend if you aren’t already on the bandwagon ๐Ÿ™‚


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  1. I bought churro, and I’m having trouble applying it. It gets great color concentration on my finger and on swatches, but when I apply with a brush it seems to disappear. How do you apply it? I feel like I can’t even see it on my face….

    1. I spritz my fan brush with rose water face mist and then pick up the product. I have issues with some of their eyeshadows – I have to apply with fingers sometimes so I know what you mean!

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