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Back to school season always seems to get me down a tad. I get really nostalgic and wonder where the years between 18 and almost 30 (eek) have gone. I’ve accomplished many things but there are also things that I have not and now feel that I am too old to do so. I dreamed of living abroad or moving to New York, then I moved to Minnesota and though I have not settled I am settled, I will admit that my life is not as glamorous as I imagined it would be. I also watched a lot of Sex and the City so my girlhood ambitions were probably influenced by this a tad :D. At any rate, even though I am not going back to school I cannot help but shop for new office supplies, clothing, shoes, blah, blah, blah. Someday I think I will enroll again and attend classes that have nothing to do with my background just for the fun of it. Today I thought that I would change it up a bit and share a peek inside of my cubicle – which I hope will be more fun than it sounds. monday quote

Admittedly, I am fairly particular about my space – I like things to be neat and tidy with everything right where I think it should be. A few years ago I had to desk share due to our office moving and not having enough desks for everyone (talk about planning). It was a nightmare and I never felt totally comfortable touching or moving anything. I don’t bring a lot of personal things to work such as pictures or the like but I do bring all of my own supplies, this way I can I pick out just what I want and don’t have to ask (or share but if you asked me, I would definitely share). 0823161039

 In an office setting, things can get very beige so I am drawn to the eclectic and colourful. I mean, why use black pens when you can use purple or green or pink?! The first item I want to share is this adorable, neon pineapple pen holder that I picked up from Amazon. This thing is too stinking cute and the texture feels just like a real pineapple. I assumed that it would just be plastic upon arrival but the quality is so much more. Even though I have colour all over the place this little pot is still very eye-catching. The description was mustard but I could tell from the photos that it was a lime green and that it would be perfect! It also comes in neon pink and I have been trying to justify purchasing another one but I already have an orange, mesh holder for ‘non-pens’ and how many pen holders does one need?!


Next up is just one of those mundane things that one needs to do their job, a page holder for typing hand written memos or corrections. Another item that I found on Amazon, this Page Up is genius! I gifted my old one to a former co-worker who loved it so much and was kicking myself when I couldn’t find another one. It is just a little hunk of magenta plastic that is a total lifesaver. It comes in loads of other colours and I have found that they can be spray painted as well as embellished. Hey, I spend most of my life in this place – I am serious about my supplies.

Paperclips! I use them every day but why use plain old paper clips when I can use PaperCloops! Another item that comes in tons of colours to coordinate with any motif and they are offered in different shapes. My favs are the square and loopy ones – they work just as well and do the exact same thing as a regular paperclip but so much more fun. They are a bit spendier than other paperclips but I have been using the same box for two’ish years and that includes the ones I don’t get back. I also insist on neon push pins and smiley face binder-clips and am starting to suspect that my desk looks like Pee-Wee Herman’s funhouse but I digress.

PhototasticCollage-2016-08-23-18-49-59 Next up I have to talk about my keyboard, a recent pick-up that I was sold on because it is orange! It also comes in blue, purple and grey but I love orange and I have a theme going here. It is a touch smaller than a standard keyboard if you are used to 10 keying, which I am but otherwise I love it. The keys are silent (I am not even exaggerating), I am typing all day and I just feel that it can get nerve-wracking for those around me to hear slapping keys for hours on end. It is super slim and totally portable, definitely worth it. It is compatible with a range of devices apparently; I am even considering investing in another when my home keyboard craps out.


clearly I chew a lot of gum, if I didn’t then I would probably smoke…

Somehow, my desk drawers are full of stuff that isn’t mine but this tends to come with the territory of this role so I rely on counter storage, neon counter storage. I adore the little Bits and Bobs trays by Poppin, they hold anything and everything plus they are just too cute. My keyboard tray has clearly faded to an almost yellow and sadly I cannot find another one as I have had this one for so long but it still works! I honestly do not mind having to use the counter to store stuff since this allows my carefully curated items to be on display 🙂

That is it, well the highlights at least 😀 I could seriously blab on for hours about my favourite pens, post-its and how I organize my wall calendar but I won’t bore anyone. I love (well something like that) coming to my space each day, I think that it is important to feel happy in your space when you spend so much time in a place. I also appreciate the flexibility that my workplace has with these types of things, I have friends who can’t bring anything personal to work and I think that this is sad and odd. I mean, you are hawking a portion of your lifetime to your employer and you cannot have so much as a potted plant?! To me, my work space is just another medium to express myself – it isn’t to everyone’s taste and some might not want to decorate at all but I guess that just isn’t me.

Thanks for stopping by ❤

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  1. This post has inspired me to dress up my own cubicle. I’ve been meaning to do it, since I was hired…almost two years ago. It’s about time to decorate with my own personal flare. But if I buy special pens and post its, I’m not sharing with ANYONE. MY PRECIOUS! LOL.

      1. I’m also following. I really like your blog, since I have similar interests. You can check out mine when you get a chance. You might like it. Going to read the pbj review!

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