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Fashionably Falling

First up, announcement – I am changing the name of my blog. Originally I thought that I would never tire of makeup and skin care and all that fun stuff and while they will remain my number 1 (and 2) addictions, I also love clothing and food and art and…you get the idea. I want my new blog name to encompass more than makeup and hope that it is still enjoyable with even more content.

Today is a *gasp* clothing post and apologies in advance for the wrinkles 😀 Fall is perhaps my most fashionable season, is that a thing? Boots, tights, tweed, cardigans, jewel tones are just a few of my favourite trends. But I also have a love/hate relationship with clothing. I have never been slim, I never went through that phase where I could eat anything and not gain an ounce. I have been watching what I eat since ever, I look at water and retain it 😀 I make this statement not to offend anyone, I just have a certain weight that I prefer to maintain and it does take work. Obviously I don’t love shopping for clothing, it is a chore to me but there are a few online sites that I enjoy ordering from that have not disappointed me yet.


Today I want to talk about Modcloth, if you have not ordered from them I definitely recommend. They offer classic pieces to suit anyone’s taste and loads of fun, quirky pieces as well. You can pick up an any occasion black skirt, an adorable blouse covered in unicorns and everything in between – they’ve got it! This is definitely one of my splurge sites, I try to wait for coupons but if I really want something I tend to go for it since some items don’t always come back in stock. That being said, I appreciate that they collect feedback from their shoppers on out of stock items and use that information to try and get popular, unique pieces back in. I waited eons for this adorable tunic (in raccoon print, I am addicted to tiny animal print) and jumped on it as soon as I got the restock email – totally worth the wait. Even though a few pieces can feel like an investment, the quality of the clothing is fantastic and I’ve had these items for years.

I will just touch on a few of my favourite pieces, first up the Pam Breeze-ly tunic is one that I own in pretty much every colour that it comes in. The cut of this tunic is so flattering, even with my broadish shoulders it doesn’t lay boxy. It is long enough that I can wear it with straight pants but short enough that I can tuck it into a skirt without too much headache. The fabric is thin and soft, I always pair with an open front cardigan or just wear an undershirt – either way it is ideal for layering. So little fuss with this one, just toss it on and go. My favourite colours are the navy and shamrock green.



I bought this B. Jones skirt almost 5 years ago and it is still gorgeous. I love busting this out around the holidays, I actually do wear it to work too (it has pockets) but also out to dinner and to occasions. I’ve worn it with a chambray button up, black turtle neck, black lace…I had no idea how versatile it would be when I purchased it. This item looked a little high-maintenance but turned out to be a cinch to wear whenever. The cloth is good and thick, paired with tights it is perfect for cool weather. The lay is just stunning, it hits below my knees and makes me feel like such a lady. The fan detail is velvet so I do hand wash this piece and flat dry, the green has never faded. I love it as much today as when I first purchased it. My only beef is that I did not buy 2 but I still might 😛

I am not much0824161737 of a jewelry/accessory kinda’ gal – I probably own 10 pieces that I wear on occasion. This chunky yellow necklace is massive (in a good way), I wear it when I am in a shit mood and want to brighten my day up. It is a bold mustard shade that I wear with grey, navy, black, etc and it is just so funky. I actually just purchased a matching bracelet; I cannot wait to wear the two together. I might even wear them on a not shit day when it arrives 😛

Lastly, my collection of Street Level bags that yes, you can buy from other retailers but Modcloth always has the best colours. My current go-to’s are the mustard and green totes, these bags are huge – laptop, gym clothes, running shoes, sack lunch – all in the bag. On top of that, I also stick this little cross-body tote in there that contains just the essentials. I’ve read reviews that mention the strap width, I have never had one break or even stretch and I put them through their paces. The mustard bag is a recent pick up but the green bag is going on its third year, the vegan leather only gets more buttery.


Although I do dabble in various other clothing lines and retailers, most of my favourite pieces are from Modlcoth. I cannot rave enough about them, I have only returned 2 items in the past 7’ish years and their customer service is exemplary. If you are looking for a few staples or just want to try something that is totally one of a kind – check them out!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that my first fashion post was enjoyable and I hope to get better at taking pics ❤

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