A Matte Made in Heaven

Admittedly, I love a lot of beauty products and would have a tough time choosing one particular item that I could not live without. Aside from the obvious addictions, eye-shadow, mascara and lip products – I relish the sensation of a new primer. I suspect that this is due to my enlarged pores (that I hate) and that I am always trying to remedy. I recently read an article that there isn’t anything one can really do to shrink pores and that tightening treatments are often temporary and ultimately ineffective. Made my day 🙁 But that doesn’t stop me from attempting to diminish the appearance of my pores, even if only temporarily. Silicone (the most effective, of course) based primers cans be hit or miss with me, they either break me out instantly or they work like a dream and I am always hesitant to try a new one as I never know what I am going to get. At any rate, I wanted to trying Benefit cosmetics pore refining primer but came across this Matte Rescue Gel instead and being the better value I picked up a tube.


I struggle with finishing balms and at first thought that this was the intended purpose of this gel but on closer inspection realized that it could also be applied before makeup. It is a clear gel much like any other, it feels similar to many silicone primers but is actually water based which I was very excited about. It does have a faint scent but really very clean smelling and nothing overwhelming. While this gel did not cool my skin it did feel very refreshing. This product claims to instantly mattify skin, reduce the appearance of pores and all while absorbing excess oil. The only thing I was not jazzed about is that your are supposed to use it in conjunction with an actual primer – doesn’t make a lot of sense to me and seems like a waste. In an effort to save on product though, rather than apply it all over my face I only used it on areas of dilated pores and those that tend to get super oily. I figured that if I paired this gel with a primer that does zilch for my pores then I could use up a few primers that I have been avoiding. A couple of combos included this gel with Laura Geller spackle and the ever popular, Nivea Post Shave Balm – while both will make your foundation stick like glue they don’t do a lot for pores or lines.


After applying to nose, chin and t-zone, I could tell that my skin did really look more matte but pores looked much the same. Over this initial application, I followed with my regular primer and foundation routine. Wowza – I am sold. My nose looked 10 years younger, I don’t know if that makes sense but it was so smooth – I was really pleased. My chin looked mostly the same, I can say that my foundation usually creases like a son of gun no matter what I do but it was noticeably more intact at the end of the day. Also, my oil spots were non-existent and this was all  sans powder touch-ups during the day so big win. My skin has yet to break out but not holding my breath since it will literally turn on me at any provocation and I plan to keep using!


At 28$ for 1.6 oz. I still feel as though I am getting the better deal in comparison to their other primer. That being said, I feel like I am getting a lesser deal since I have to use this gel with another primer but figure this tube will last me a while if I only use on problem areas. I have really been enjoying this product as someone who has tried just about every mattifying product on the market and been regularly disappointed, I think I found a keeper.

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