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All Night Long

Confession, I have about 6 bottles of foundation that I bought all in a stretch of 3 months. I have been on a total bender even though I really do have a few foundations that I truly enjoy using, I like to keep my skin guessing since this helps temper breakouts. I am serious, it works! I have been a tad disappointed in a few recent pick-ups but I can still use them with a little finessing but that is not the case with this next one 🙁

Having oily skin, I am always keen to try foundations that claim to last for upwards of 8 hours and provide a matte finish. Some foundation can start looking oily before I even leave the door and by the time quittin’ time rolls around – forget about it. When Urban Decay announced their new All Nighter foundation, I was gaga to try it. First off, major points for how unique the packaging is, this foundation looks bad ass and I didn’t know that I could feel this way about a foundation 😛 Also, it is an airless pump so I know that I will get all the bang for my buck. This foundation claims to provide a modern matte (no idea) finish, it is oil free, has 3 times the pigment as their sheer foundation, is waterproof, lasts all night and apparently requires only 1 layer. If even ½ the claims stack up then I am sold.


I was pleasantly surprised at how much better the .5 shade matched my skin tone in comparison to their sheer foundation which is a touch orange/yellow on me. And can I just say how annoying it is that the colour of foundations can differ so drastically between formulas within the same brand – I don’t get it.  On the first pump, I didn’t think that I shook it enough as it was much thinner than I had expected but the consistency remained the same even after shaking. I pumped 1-2 drops onto my hand and went in with the damp BB per usual. The initial dabs were shocking, they are not lying about the pigmentation but unfortunately I felt that it looked very white and chalky. As I continued to blend and even the product out it started to jive more with my complexion but at some point I couldn’t blend anymore, the product had already dried! They should add a quick dry notation to the product description. On top of this, I could totally see deposits of pigment where I had initially applied as it had probably dried instantly as well. I cannot explain this phenomenon especially seeing as how I was using a wet BB. I was able to salvage my base by going in with concealer but I felt really cakey, I didn’t look cakey but I knew that I had loads of makeup on.

I was definitely not jazzed about the overall finish initially which is the opposite of what a lot of users are saying, as the day wore on I became more pleased with the appearance of this foundation. I didn’t have any issues with the product settling in wrinkles or breaking up and I was happy with how it held up when I got home. I usually get a lot of break up where my hair touches my face but this foundation stayed put without setting powder. Did I mention I skipped setting powder for fear of looking like Morticia!? Anyway, it sounds disgusting but this foundation had no issue mingling with my natural face oils but I cannot really depend on this happening all of the time. I like to get an idea of what my base looks like before I walk out the door, not after I wear it all day. I mean, I would almost have to bank on my face turning into an oil slick every day in order to wear this foundation – ick.  As for the 1 layer claim, eh, I still had to use concealer on some areas of red but if you have great skin then you would probably only need 1 coat.  Does it last all night? No idea and I don’t want to find out 😛bottle_2

Overall, it was between this one and the Kat Von D Lock-It and I think I should have tried the other. This is such a bummer as Urban Decay is one of my favourite brands but I guess when you use something so often, you are bound to find a dud. Yes, I will keep using it but it will take some getting used to. Did you try it? What did you think?

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