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Spots & Wrinkles, Oh My

I thought fall was in the air when I was headed to to work this morning then I went outside for lunch and was I wrong. I looked it up and there are only 104 days until Halloween, so there’s that. But if this humidity doesn’t clear out, I am probably going to shave my head.


A brand that I haven’t paid much attention to since high school has slowly been making its way back into my routine; Clinique. I used their Dramatically Different lotion for years but at some point I assumed that it was just for young, flawless skin and I stopped using that and the brand altogether. Having used harsh medications to treat acne, I have always been worried about premature aging . I look for products that fight acne and wrinkles which aren’t that easy to find surprisingly. Of course, I assumed that I would not have acne into my 30’s but c’est la vie. I am always a sucker for a serum so when I saw the Acne + Line Correcting Serum, I knew I was going to give it a whirl. The acne fighting agent is salicylic acid and it boasts a pretty potent anti-aging cocktail to boot. I am through my first bottle and here are my thoughts:


  • Feels a-mazing, this serum is so moisturizing that I was hard pressed to believe that it even contained acne medication. That being said, it doesn’t feel too heavy in conjunction with my regular moisturizer
  • No odor, often times I find that acne treatments can smell unpleasant but this serum has zero odor good or bad
  • Absorbs completely and is wearable under makeup
  • It works! I struggle with hormonal breakouts, I can use this all month and it keeps breakouts at bay while keeping my skin plump and supple
  • No excessive irritation or sensitivity once you are used to it


  • The bottle is way bigger than it needs to be, it is this double-insulated, plastic monstrosity that really only contains 1 oz of product
  • The drying in the first week was excessive, I was peeling like crazy but once it stopped, it stopped
  • Constantly out of stock at ULTA, boo


Obviously way more pros than cons, this has become a daily (2 times at that) must have that is actually showing results and I love it. Now, my skin is a pain in the ass and can be sailing along beautifully then decides that it wants to turn on me but I am keeping my fingers crossed πŸ˜‰ This serum has so far been working wonders on my sensitive skin, keeping it glowing and spot free! I definitely feel that this one is worth the price tag. Lesson learned, don’t sleep on Clinique πŸ˜€

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