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Tarteist Tragedy

Ahhh! 14 days since my last post?! What have I been doing – in all honesty, unplugging and soaking up the gorgeous weather. Fall is my season; black coffee, booties, tights, flannel sheets, the colours and brisk air le sigh. I have a few posts planned that aren’t makeup e.g. clothing, decor and office supplies 😍

Recently, ULTA made me an offer I couldn’t refuse – 3x points on any purchase on top of 5x points on tarte. So, bye-bye no buy. I had several things that I’ve been eyeing from this line. But alas, many of them were not in stock or currently exclusives at Sephora and I only managed to snag a few things including their new blending sponge. Now, I am a beautyblender purist but this sponge is 4$ cheaper, can be used wet or dry, is more conical and a touch smaller which are all pros in my book.

Out of the package this sponge is firm, more porous than a BB and roughly the same size dry. It is a pretty purple that I assumed would bleed as this is what the colourful BB’s tend to do. I wanted to try it dry immediately, my biggest beef with my current sponge is that touch-ups aren’t easy since I have to dampen the sponge and I don’t love putting the wet sponge back in my bag. I do store it in a teenie Tupperware but always wonder about mold. Sadly, this sponge is too abrasive to use dry – even though I wasn’t buffing or dragging it across my face, it just didn’t feel good. And holy soak up, it was just sucking up my foundation and the finish was so patchy – definitely failed the dry test. Sad face. Reading reviews on this which are generally good, I have no idea what I was doing wrong…😣

Moving on to Round 2, I dampened the sponge hoping for better results – a high point here, it didn’t bleed a bit! It’s odd that even though this is a sponge, it doesn’t seem to soak up a lot of water or expand at all. The BB doubles in size but if this sponge expanded it wasn’t noticeable. Even damp this sponge is ultra stiff with no bounce and still soaks up foundation. The application was still patchy and textured. Honestly, I felt it picked up more product than it applied  and overall I am disappointed. 

For 4 bucks more and an extra stop, I’ll stick to my BB as truly the only win here is the beaucoup points I racked up.

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