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Winter Skin Savior

I purchased some new tops this past weekend, just thin cotton tops that I can wear under cardigans or other shirts when it gets really cold. Apparently they are in fact burn out tops and way more sheer than I thought, long story short –… Read More

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Shades to Fall For

Stop everything, George Eads (aka the standard which I measure all men by) is the new MacGyver. I know nothing about the original series but I am there. CSI got so incredibly lame towards the end but I was really just there for Eads, if… Read More

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Full Exposure

I don’t have good hair, I have mostly straight hair with a little wave, it is coarse and thick and it just sits there. It doesn’t straighten to a sleek bob, it also won’t curl but ladies, it does crimp and if this article is… Read More

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Yes to Detoxify

Confession; I have this irrational anxiety that I will lose my phone then someone will find it and judge me for my shit taste in music. They will never have the opportunity to experience my vast interests and eccentricities, only that I own every power… Read More

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NOTD: Greige

I joined the Dollar Shave Club and true to form, sliced my finger wide open. Over a decade of shaving and I just cannot even handle it. PSA: those razors are sharp but totally worth it. I get to sport a nice big beige bandage… Read More