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    Smashbow – Winter Skin Primers

    I purchased some new tops this past weekend, just thin cotton tops that I can wear under cardigans or other shirts when it gets really cold. Apparently they are in fact burn out tops and way more sheer than I thought, long story short – I wore a sheer top to work and am absolutely mortified. I had a cardigan on as well so I guess I just didn’t notice and maybe nobody else did, fingers crossed. Anyway, I feel like a complete moron and it is turtle necks for the rest of my life. It was cold this morning – legitimately cold and it was wonderful. This weekend was…

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    Shades to Fall For

    Stop everything, George Eads (aka the standard which I measure all men by) is the new MacGyver. I know nothing about the original series but I am there. CSI got so incredibly lame towards the end but I was really just there for Eads, if he had two lines – hell, if he walked through the set my night was made. He just seems so nice and like he wears Wranglers and drives a truck. I never had the opportunity to date a cowboy but there is always that allure of dating someone really rugged. Anyway, clearly this is my new favourite show – details to come 😛 I feel…

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    Full Exposure

    I don’t have good hair, I have mostly straight hair with a little wave, it is coarse and thick and it just sits there. It doesn’t straighten to a sleek bob, it also won’t curl but ladies, it does crimp and if this article is in anyway accurate I could have fashionable hair for the first time ever, in my lifetime. I already have a bitching crimper and I do use it on occasion which has probably been a major faux pas but I am soon to be on trend and am pretty pumped. I love a good crimp, a nice big, teased out crimp – I honestly cannot wait…

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    Yes to Detoxify

    Confession; I have this irrational anxiety that I will lose my phone then someone will find it and judge me for my shit taste in music. They will never have the opportunity to experience my vast interests and eccentricities, only that I own every power ballad and cheesy rock anthem ever to have been recorded. I give my playlists names like Inspiration and Fresh Air to mask what they have on them – really they are just chalk full of Rod Stewart, Genesis, KISS, REO Speedwagon, Sweet, Andy Kim – you get the idea 😀 Anyway, I have been waiting ever so patiently for some of the new Yes To…

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    NOTD: Greige

    I joined the Dollar Shave Club and true to form, sliced my finger wide open. Over a decade of shaving and I just cannot even handle it. PSA: those razors are sharp but totally worth it. I get to sport a nice big beige bandage to go with my greige manicure 😛 Thanks for stopping by <3

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    Make Mine a Multiple

    I was at a thing this weekend and there were lots of men (and women) out and about building things and I knew that after this thing I had to grab groceries on the way home, do laundry, start dinner, vacuum, etc, etc and it got me thinking about the modern female. I don’t feel that I am a feminist, I am pretty old-fashioned but I just don’t understand how women are expected to work 40 hours a week and make a home. I find it exhausting and I don’t even have kids. On the flip side – so few men are expected to do anything with their hands anymore…

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    Stick to (Less) Than Flawless

    Confession: I am addicted to Scream Queens. Disclaimer: I am more of an X-Files kinda’ gal but when I was flipping through shows and saw Jamie Lee Curtis, whom I have loved ever since True Lies – sold. Plus, it is hysterical in an over-acting, hyperbolic, basic, I shouldn’t find any of this stuff funny kinda’ way and who can’t appreciate that? Anyway, I think that I have tried about every foundation stick currently on the market and many while decent still lack something. My go to has been Dermablend but when I saw that Anastasia Beverly Hills was set to release a stick foundation with a broader range of shades,…

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    The Charm’s in the Cheeks – Benefit

    Blush – I had avoided it for years, I always thought that it made me look like such a tart or overdone. Now, I don’t go a day without using it and will even layer on more for day to night look *gasp* Blush can be very sophisticated or flirty, it is the perfect finishing touch for any look. I have been using a lot of cream and liquid blushes lately as I have found that I don’t much like the look of my powder blushes. I recently purchased a couple of products from the Dandelion line by Benefit Cosmetics and received a teenie box of the Dandelion brightening face powder with my…

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    Lime Crime: An Obsession

    I am dubbing 2016 The Year of the Nipple – I mean, there has been a lot (way more important) going on but I feel like celebrity nipples are everywhere. I’ve seen more of other people’s nipples than I’ve seen of my own – too much, probably but I just think it needs to be said. 50 years from now, I wonder what it will be like coming across some of the content that is on the internet now. I mean, Lil’ Kim’s 1999 VMA outfit (you know the one) almost seems modest in comparison to what celebrities are wearing these days.Anyway, this is all totally off topic. I wanted…

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    Pumpkin Spice Done Right

    Welp, reddit ruined Grease for me last night – I have to get off that website or stick to the areas that I am there for and not go wandering into the abyss of information that one never needs to know. Like ever, in their lifetime but I am really glad that all of the conspiracy theorists have a place to hang out 😀 As a kid, I was so into that movie but watching it later in life I often wonder if my mom ever knew what all of those double entendre meant? There is a dirty, dirty movie hiding under all of that taffeta and pink satin so…