Secret Stash

Speaking of secrets – something happens when you add your first name to your blog identity, people find you. By people, I mean co-workers whom I don’t share a lot with. And it’s awkward, perhaps not as awkward as I think it is. I am a compartmentalist (not a word apparently) work doesn’t go home with me and I don’t take home to work with me. This works for me but I guess it comes as some surprise to people when they realize I have hobbies and interests – I am as shocked as they are 😛

phototasticcollage-2016-09-14-21-12-09Anyway, I picked up a new fragrance which is kinda’ a big deal. I have a couple of fragrances that I use but I don’t seek out new ones as these ones work for me. Then one of those NSA ads for a new fragrance from Sarah Jessica Parker popped up in my browser and I was intrigued. I have a major girl crush on SJP – she was flawless in Sex and the City, well minus the whiny shit and I am always interested in what she is working on. She has knack for fragrances too, her Lovely is one of the scents that I always have on hand. It isn’t my signature scent, more of my all-rounder since there isn’t an occasion you can’t wear it to. When I read more about her new fragrance that claims to be appropriate for men and women, I didn’t think it was for me. It sounded too bold, too musky, too edgy and I will say it – just too damn sexy. Just the idea of Stash, personal contraband didn’t seem like something for me. Plus the ad campaign – holy woah. But I still had to check it out, obviously. It is completely gorgeous. I’m not great at describing scents – I describe the scent of hairspray as crunchy 😀 Stash includes many elements; patchouli, sage and vetiver to name a few. It is sultry without being vulgar. It reminds me of black coffee, woodstoves, crushed velvet – is any of this making sense? Seriously though, it is addicting. I am really digging it for fall, something about wearing it with a tweed skirt and wool tights just feels so right. Definitely a new must have that I am completely incapable of describing 😀 Hit your nearest ULTA and have a spritz!

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