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A Week in ‘Grams v11

I am starting my 30 Nights of Halloween early and busting out Tales from the Crypt – total contraband television growing up, I never got caught watching it miraculously. I watched so many horror franchises when I was a kid, it is a wonder I got any sleep at all. Two nights ago, I was burning the midnight oil rereading The Shining. If you have not read it, do so – it is even creepier than the film adaptation and will keep you up all night. I have been all over the place lately, I have 3 goals this week – 1) maintain 6 days of working out 2) drink more water and no, the water in my coffee does not count 3) Eat less macaroni and cheese. I had some type of gourmet mac & cheese on three different occasions last week. I really  like me some mac & cheese but I really over did it 😛

Have a beautiful week, thanks for stopping by ❤


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