Metallics Made in Heaven

This article just ruined my day, what do you mean the pumpkin that I have been eating all of these years isn’t even pumpkin!? Do I even know what pumpkin actually tastes like or is it all an illusion? I’ve pureed my own before but that is not an easy task, splitting a pumpkin open is rather difficult and it just doesn’t turn out as good. But as I am thinking about it now, maybe that is what pumpkin actually tastes like and I don’t really, truly enjoy it as much as I thought. Sad face. Squash pie – who wants to eat squash pie!? Gag. I have no idea what purpose the FDA serves, honestly.

phototasticcollage-2016-09-27-20-41-02As I was applying my foundation(s) this morning it occurred to me that beauty brands should offer custom shade options – this would be genius, please tell me if anyone is doing this already. I own the lightest and second lightest shade in just about every liquid foundation that I use as I mix half and half to get my perfect shade. Now, maybe this wouldn’t be offered in stores but how fabulous would it be to be able to order a bottle of half and half shades? This is probably insane and would not work for so many reasons but I’d buy it.

phototasticcollage-2016-09-27-20-35-06Speaking of half and half – I finally decided to use my SuperFoils today, I had put off using them as I didn’t want to mess them up and wasn’t totally sure how to use them for a day time look. Not to mention, I dropped Electric-Barbarella seconds after swatching it and it exploded 😦 I love metallic and sparkly eyeshadows but I feel as though when I wear them, people are just staring at my face. I don’t know what it is – that I am so obviously wearing makeup or that it’s too much but I tend to avoid them for work. Not that I am applying them in some over the top, bizarre fashion but anyway, today was the day! I passed on almost all of the first releases of the SuperFoils, the shades just seemed really loud for me but I was much more interested in the second round release and could see myself actually using the shades. SuperFoils are new eyeshadow duos from Lime Crime that can be used dry or wet to activate that high shine, foil look. These compacts contain a variety of neutrals and brights, there are currently 10 different compacts available totaling 20 different shades.

PhototasticCollage-2016-09-27-20-36-28.jpgNot going to lie, I am not crazy about the packaging – while it is very sturdy and you do get a mirror, the pastel pink and yellow scheme with daisies just doesn’t do it for me. I guess I am partial to the red with pink roses scheme of the Velvetines and was expecting something similar. Anyway, I am not putting the packaging on my face and I’ll get over it. Something I noticed right away was that even though these shadows are packed with glitter and had been shipped to me, there wasn’t a lot of fall-out – just an observation and have no idea what it means 😛 The recommended application is with your fingertips but you can use a brush. I skipped the brush for dry application as I am used to doing this with metallic shadows, call my crazy I get more colour pay off and the glitter doesn’t flake out all over my face. For wet application, I spritzed a small crease brush with a setting spray rather than water and picked the product up – amazing. Wet is definitely the way to go with these foils, they are very understated with an almost satin finish when worn dry. This finish could definitely work but the wow-factor is in the wet application. I had no issues using a brush but I also wasn’t swiping, I precisely packed the pigment on and then gently blended. If you are swiping I could see some fall out happening and hence the reason to skip the brush altogether.

phototasticcollage-2016-09-27-20-39-02Here are some swatches of a couple foils in action – I totally used the alcohol technique on my exploded duo and I think it worked but it certainly didn’t turn out very pretty. For 18 bucks, I would recommend – that is not a bad deal for two shadows that are going to last a hot minute since I will mainly be using them as an accent to my everyday eye-shadows. Fair warning though, I am going full gold foil from Thanksgiving to New Year’s 😛

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