Lime Crime: An Obsession

I am dubbing 2016 The Year of the Nipple – I mean, there has been a lot (way more important) going on but I feel like celebrity nipples are everywhere. I’ve seen more of other people’s nipples than I’ve seen of my own – too much, probably but I just think it needs to be said. 50 years from now, I wonder what it will be like coming across some of the content that is on the internet now. I mean, Lil’ Kim’s 1999 VMA outfit (you know the one) almost seems modest in comparison to what celebrities are wearing these days.Anyway, this is all totally off topic. I wanted to (finally) share my thoughts on Lime Crime’s Velvetines! If you follow my Instagram you are aware of the obsession by now 😀

phototasticcollage-2016-09-10-11-55-52First up, after being shamed for purchasing from this company I am happy to report that my experience has been overall really enjoyable. I appreciate that after receiving each order they sent me a follow up email checking in to see if everything was as expected. I feel that they are really making an effort to atone for their shitty reputation. My only qualm was totally my fault; I always research fakes prior to purchasing something that I cannot see in store and I was initially a little peeved off because I thought that I had received fakes. Long story, not getting into it but after following up with their CS it was explained that the branding/packaging has evolved and it all comes down to the vanilla icing scent which, all of my tubes have. Moral of the story, don’t believe everything you read on the internet. I have tubes that are a touch different and will post some photos to explain why I thought they were fakes.

PhototasticCollage-2016-09-10-11-53-41.jpgI was first drawn to this brand when I read a review of their Venus eyeshadow palettes and decided to dabble in their matte liquid lipsticks as well. Lime Crime products are vegan and cruelty free, don’t take my word for it though – check out their website. They have lippies in every shade you could want including weirds. I mention this because it cracks me up, the only weird so far that I own is Thistle but I definitely want Cement for cooler winter looks. Their lippies come in lovely frosted tubes, are equipped with a standard doe foot and run 20$ a piece which is on par with most other brands but I use a lot less product with these and feel they are the better value. Also, their bundle deals are total steals and you can pick some shades up at sale prices occasionally. I just ordered the Best Sellers Set, I now have dups of some fav shades, this would be a great starter set for anyone who wants to dabble in the brand and save some ching! If you want to go crazy, every shade in the Livin’ on a Prairie Set is gorgeous.

Getting to the actual product, I was surprised at how liquid-y these lippies were and figured that there was no way that 1 coat would be opaque. Honestly, they almost feel like a dry lip oil. But like I mentioned, 1 coat will do you for a perfectly matte, opaque application. I of course am criminally bad at applying lipstick and have to dab in the lines. If I don’t think that I am going to have time for touch-ups for some time, I do apply 2 coats on my way out the door. As for touch-ups I really only need a few dabs after greasy foods but otherwise this stuff stands the test of eating/drinking and whatever else without fading, cracking or flaking. I prep with a little Burt’s Bees, call me crazy but I don’t feel the need to use a lip primer with this product but I do want a little moisture barrier. Do they dry my lips out? Eh, not really but I am chapstick addict and am still getting used to not obsessively coating my lips every hour on the hour. These lippies dry down totally matte, I feel they are fairly easy to apply and once on they pretty much aren’t going to budge.

The colours and pigmentation are gorgeous and the consistency between shades is spot on. I’ve experienced differing results using different shades of the same brand but not here – consistently perfect, vibrant pay off every time, every tube. Oh, and they smell delicious like vanilla icing. Here is a run-down of my favourite shades (well, the ones I have been using the most lately) and then also a few shots of the different boxes that aren’t fakes 😛


Beet it – just like the name indicates, a deep, red purple like beet stain

Pumpkin – orange, rust

Cashmere – a perfect greige

Suedeberry – Best described as a coral

Squash – just like the name indicates, orange with brown tones

Polly – a deep pink


This post is getting a touch long, lastly I just wanted to share some of the variance that you might see in their packaging. Different fonts, no serial numbers or different placement of serial numbers, embellishments/labels in different places – you will find many a post that state that this makes them fakes, not so. It comes down to price and again, that vanilla scent that once you smell you will know what to look for. Of course, do your own research but I thought this might be helpful 🙂 All of these are genuine products:





Geez, I feel like I just penned a biopic on these babies – thanks for making it through 😀

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