Manny MUA Palette Madness

My allergies are so bad that I think at this point, I am just allergic to myself. I’ve lost count of how many Benadryl I have consumed. This is not the norm for me and I feel terrible for people who struggle with constant, seasonal allergies. On that note, I had onions in my sandwich at lunch and though I could not smell them am pretty certain that anyone who walked by my desk could smell them in my trash. So there’s that. At any rate, I placed my very first MakeupGeek order! Where have I been, literally no idea.  I didn’t do anything amazing like build my own palette – I feel like I would just pick a ton of similar colours if I did that. But, when I saw Manny MUA’s Insta post that his limited edition palette was almost sold out I finally decided to snag one. I have been hesitant to order this palette not that it isn’t gorgeous, I just already own a few warm toned palettes but this one does include some very unique colours and well you know the rest. To the palette!

PhototasticCollage-2016-09-08-21-16-08.jpgI ordered the Kathleen Lights highlighter palette as well and I really like that the 2 match, they are a muted black with the MakeupGeek metallic, pinkish detail. Very sleek and classy, I imagine easy to travel with as well. The top does flip all the way back, I am no professional makeup artist and could take or leave this feature but it doesn’t detract from the overall aesthetic of the palette. Manny’s palette definitely feels sturdier than my Violet Voss palettes which are similar in build but I think if I dropped those they would explode. You do get a full-sized mirror, another feature that I could take or leave since I am always just getting ready in front of my vanity but could come in handy if you are traveling. The half-moon detail on the outer packaging and bottom of this palette is simply lovely.  Overall, packing is perfect.


There are 9 total shades including neutrals, jewel tones, shimmers and mattes. I love his little mission statement type message on the outer packaging, I agree that this palette could be worn by all women and look gorgeous.


Now for the formula, I have watched pretty much every tutorial that has been posted ever on this palette. After reading that some shadows were perfect and others chalky, I wanted to see them in action. There are so many fabulous looks (none that I will come close to) and I didn’t perceive any lesser quality in any of the shades but how can one really tell without using them? After swatching and wearing these shadows, I think the quality is outstanding. They are very buttery, easy to blend and they last all day. My makeup looked as though I had just applied it even at the end of the day. The 1 shade that feels different is Mars which is the deep red and I do think this one feels a tad gritty but it doesn’t impact the application or wear as far as I can tell. I didn’t experience any chalkiness, it just feels different. Honestly, I didn’t notice the difference when I was applying it, it was after I rubbed it with my finger. Oops. I couldn’t help it, I wanted brush and finger swatches 😀

phototasticcollage-2016-09-08-21-14-21I love this palette, my favourite shades are of course the metallics – they are stunning. The deep green shade Insomnia has a red shift like dragon scales – gorgeous. I knew this palette was going to be a fast favourite but I am obsessed and can’t wait to try new looks! This limited edition thing stresses me out though. Sad face.

phototasticcollage-2016-09-08-21-24-31Thanks for stopping by <3


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