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Too Faced Mascara Melt Off

It is no secret, I love black mascara – I probably wear much too much but who doesn’t covet long, black, seductive lashes?! I don’t love raccoon eyes and it drives me bananas when no matter how much I cleanse I wake up with remnants of my lashes from the day before. Gag.  It is kind of a no win, over-cleansing and scrubbing dries out the area around my eyes but what is this leftover mascara residue doing to my skin? I needed something stronger than Pond’s, (does such a thing exist) and I needed it about 5 years ago.


Enter Masacra Melt Off from Too Faced a cleansing oil that is specifically made for removing water proof mascara but also claims to be gentle enough to remove  your everyday mascaras. Direct from their website: No more rubbing, tugging or raccoon eyes. Sold. Reviews were somewhat all over the place with users calling this product gimmicky and nothing more than good ‘ol natural oils. I was definitely hesitant to spend *gasp* 17$ on this product, that is almost the cost of another brand new tube of mascara! That being said, I am also allergic to many nut oils and  can’t rub them on my face and this product doesn’t contain anything that I am allergic to. I took the plunge and this stuff is amazing. The spoolie doesn’t have bristles per say, it just has little nodules that let you really coat your lashes in oil. I apply a couple of swipes on each eye, apply my regular makeup remover all over my face then go back in and wipe off. This stuff works like a dream and leaves my eyelashes and delicate eye area skin feeling soft and conditioned. No scrubbing, just a few swipes and no raccoon eyes! My only qualm is that I did not know that this stuff existed sooner. Extremely easy to use and very effective – if your regular makeup remover leaves something to be desired, I highly recommend!

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